Sad news: The passing of Leroy Hodge

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  • It is with a heavy heart that I relay the news of the passing of popular club member Leroy Hodge. Leroy was a keen cyclist and regular ICC volunteer. We will pass on more information when we receive it from the family.

    This week's newsletter contains a pictorial tribute to Leroy, an integral part of this club.

    The club will be making a donation to a charity of his family's choosing in his name.

    The family have specifically asked us if we have any photographs of him cycling. If you do have any photographs or memories of Leroy you would like to share with us please email us at [email protected] and we will send anything we receive on to the family.

    A very sad day for all of us at ICC and our thoughts are with his family at this tough time.

  • Very sad news

  • OMG I don't believe it... so sudden.. a true gentleman, not only on the bike but gave so much to the club, I had the chance to have a good chat with him when we volunteered for the signing in session during last year's Great Escape. Have lots of happy memories of riding out to Windsor, Box Hill and Epping together.
    Was looking forwards to riding the TOC with him in June...

    If there is any chance find out about what funeral arrangements are, I would like to pay my respects.

    Leroy, hope the roads in heaven are smooth as silk for you. Farewell for now... and happy trails!

  • If there is any chance find out about what funeral arrangements are, I would like to pay my respects.

    +MarkV - @SallyB and I are in contact with the family, if we hear anything we will post it here (assuming they are ok with members turning up).

    Leroy, hope the roads in heaven are smooth as silk for you. Farewell for now... and happy trails!

    Lovely words, thank you.

  • This is really so sad, he always had a smile and a warm greeting for all.

    I first met him when he rolled up next to me at some lights.
    On seeing my ICC bidon he asked “you ride with ICC?”.
    Me “yes, but not very often”.
    Leroy “you should get out more often, perhaps lead a ride”.
    Me “good idea”.
    Leroy “what’s your name, I’ll look out for you”
    Me “I’m Andrew Castiglione”.
    Leroy “thank you Mr Treasurer!”

    We always greeted each other with a rye smile after that.

  • This is such a shock. I have fond memories of Leroy, always helping out other riders through his volunteering. A thoroughly nice guy.

    My abiding memory of him was when we first met at Regent's Park. After laps in the café:

    L "Hi, my name's Leroy"

    C "I'm Colin. I feel I know you intimately already"

    L Looking perplexed "How come?"

    C "I've just followed you around the park staring at your arse crack"

    L "Sorry about that, they are a bit short"

    Many months later he introduced me to another rider. "This is Colin, he knows me intimately" much to the confusion of the person being introduced.

    A great guy.

  • Ride in Peace Leroy.

  • I too heard the news yesterday and still in shock. I personally enjoyed all the rides we had together and especially remember Saturday laps where he used to scold me for putting him on the front just before the end to get a lead out. Last time I saw Leroy was on a commute home at Swiss Cottage, he looked across and said " is that you Wai?" we both had a chuckle and carried on.
    So sad but looking to celebrate his life and the rides we used to have. @SallyB please do let me know as soon as you hear anything as I would like to pass on my condolences to the family.
    RIP my dear Friend Leroy you will always be remembered for the joy you brought to Islington CC.

  • This is such devastating news. And such a shock. He was so full of life and one of the loveliest riders I've had the pleasure of meeting and have been fortunate enough to ride with him on many a Saturday morning around Regents Park. You'd always know if Leroy was coming thanks to his booming voice pointing out every pothole! A truly welcoming and friendly guy.

    Pass on my deepest sympathies to his loved ones. I was wondering if there was anyway for members to pay their respects, even just in the form of a card or flowers or donating to said charity?

  • This is shocking news. I didn't get the chance to go on many rides with Leroy, but when I did I always knew I'd be in for a fun day. To echo everyone else he was so friendly and kind to everyone, new and old, and he truly embodied what it is to be a gentleman.

    We will miss you.

  • Utterly shocked and saddened by the news. I only rode with Leroy a couple of times but he was so friendly, kind and considerate, with a great sense of humour. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones at this sad sad time. Leroy, RIP, you will be missed.

  • Really upsetting news. Doesn't quite sink in.
    I too rode with him on many Sunday club rides and have very fond memories.
    RIP, Leroy. You were one of a kind.

  • So sad to hear this. I rode with Leroy quite a lot last year. The Brighton Fish and Chip run was particularly fun. With his calm and kind manner I always looked forward him being in the group. I have been away for quite a few months and was looking forward to catching up and resuming cycling with him.

    RIP Leroy, you made many of the Sunday rides memorable.

  • Very sad news. I didn't know Leroy well but whenever I met him he was friendly, cheerful and great fun. He made a real impact and will be greatly missed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  • Such very sad news and so hard to believe. I think others have summed up Leroy. A great guy a good rider with a fine turn of speed at the end of Regents Park laps. He will be very much missed.

  • absolutely stunned. please pass on my condolences to his family. A true gentleman, and a great companion on any ride.

  • A real shock in the newsletter this morning. Leroy was lovely guy, I rode quite a bit with him during Saturday laps and always enjoyed a laugh & a joke and during coffee afterwards. Like Wai I too was scolded for using him as a ‘lead out’ man, he had the physique!
    Please do share the funeral arrangements when they are known.
    RIP Leroy

  • So shocking..what else can I say?
    It’s really sad when a fellow member “goes” so unexpectedly and Leroy was one of a kind. Our last ride together was from London to Whitstable in June, which unfortunately he didn’t manage to complete because of a broken spoke on his rear wheel. He was puzzled about what to do with it so I helped him bend it around the other spoke so he could at least ride to the nearest station and take the train back to London. He was my wind shield in the group and always teased each other, while he also was fond of my group selfies while riding and would happily make funny faces when I pulled my phone out of my pocket..
    Rest in peace sweet Leroy and may you always ride free.. 💔

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  • I really can't believe this sad news; so unexpected. I remember a ride with him and Eugene for an Italian job recce. If I was out in front passing on 'road clear' messages he would always thank me; a small thing that I will try to do in memory of and to remember him. He was truely kind, gentle and nice individual. He will be a loss to the club. My condolences to his family.

  • I'm so sad and in shock! Leroy inspired me to carry on riding Islington CC.

    I see Leroy's name on volunteering list each month, providing laughter on Sunday rides and always putting a smile on people's faces when he needed a toilet break every 10 miles.

    As @Gino_M mentioned - He will be a loss to the club

  • A totally unforgettable spirit. RIP Leroy.

  • @JonnyK you mentioned the club making a donation to charity. Could I suggest a small levy on say the fish and chip ride? This year at least renamed the Leroy Hodge ride?

    Just a thought

  • A few of us have also been discussing naming a ride or event after Leroy, as @LiamMc has mentioned.

    We would need the approval of his family of course, but I'm sure many members would support this idea.

  • So sad on reading this tonight. Thoughts out to his family.
    If I may; I rode with Leroy many times including the Whitstable ride Anthi mentioned earlier. I accompanied Leroy back to London so had a wonderful two hour chat with him on the way home, in our ICC gear in a train full of shoppers.
    If we arrange a charity ride in his name, I'll certainly want to be part of it.

  • Awfully sad news to hear about the passing of Leroy. I believe we joined at a similar time and was such a friendly man. His beaming smile would always great you. I will greatly miss him and his smile!

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Sad news: The passing of Leroy Hodge

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