TP ICAP L'Etape London?

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  • Firstly, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, I am new to the forum. Please advise me if I have.

    I just wondered if anyone has signed up to the TP ICAP L'Etape London ride in September.

    I am considering the 45 or 92 mile ride (wish there was one in between the two to be fair).

  • Are you still doing this? Anyone else? I won a free entry on 20 July and heard of this a few hours before I was knocked of my bike by a careless driver. My knee is still too stiff to allow me to cycle but I hope to be back on the bike in time to do this so it would be good to team up if anyone is up for a B pace.

  • Yes I am still interested.
    Sorry to hear of your accident, hope you recover soon.
    I am still unsure if I should do the 92 or 117 route, what were you thinking?

  • I'm planning on doing it - easy end of season 117 miles

  • I've signed up for 117 miles since I had a free entry, can always downgrade on the day. I'm still hobbling around and will be away on holiday (where cycling was never part of the plan) so won't be able to cycle until September so I'll have to see how fit I can get for 24 Sept in 3 weeks back on the bike. Would be nice to have some company as long as you two don't want to smash it

  • Hey sorry to hear about your accident and all the best with your recovery. Yep great to ride at least part (or all) of the ride together as a group. Enjoy your holiday!

  • What pace are you looking at for the medium route? B pace? 25/28km?

  • In that region for the longer route.. for as long as I can! Could be persuaded to go medium route on the day depending on weather etc...

  • Any updates who will be joining in on this event?

  • I'm doing this one.

  • I'm doing the long route be happy to meet up and ride down with you guys.

  • Hi everyone

    I have a place for the 117m route this Sunday. I can't make it due to injury but if anyone wants to take my place, let me know and I'll send over the entry details.

  • theres 5 of us doing it


    We are doing the medium route at B pace, but will stay as a group.

  • Is anyone up for doing the long route at B pace? I've been cycling again for a couple of weeks so hopefully can keep going over the long route, though I won't have done more than 5okm recently beforehand. +Franc +JoeS +daygo30 ?

  • I'm doing the medium one too at B pace @Wai

  • Wicked, six of us, chat ride! Lol

  • I'm doing the medium route too

  • This is my first event, I will stay with the B pace as long as possible (usually do B- RP laps)

  • Great, we are looking to meet at the expresso bar (park) for about 7.15/30am

  • Which expresso bar?

  • There will be a pop up expresso bar But if not the area is not big and we would be wearing our islington shirts.

  • Ok, see you there ;-)

  • Hi everyone, I am also doing the medium distance and keen to join you guys. Are we meeting at the start?

  • If anyone prefers meeting at WP and ride from there to the start I'm up for it.

    The medium route starts between 8.25-8.45. Unless there's something to do before the start we could leave 7.15 from the park and still have time for a coffee there...?

  • We should be there early enough, as some don't have their numbers yet. Also chance to get organised. Could meet at wp still but earlier.

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TP ICAP L'Etape London?

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