Do you know where the blind spot is for a lorry?

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    Checkout the link ! Astonishing !
    Keep it save this winter during your riding either to work or with club.

  • Yeah, this video is pretty astonishing. The biggest blind spot is exactly where those little strips of green/blue paint encourage cyclists to go.

  • Think this TfL video would be better if they actually indicated where cyclists should go instead. Basically right up in front of the lorry - but not always possible?

    Is anyone else feeling a bit freaked out by what's happened over the last 2 weeks? I am - and particularly cross about the Met's actions re hi vis and helmets, and Boris Johnson's comments - feeding into the narrative that it's more the fault of cyclists than other road users. Out of interest do any ICC members get involved with LCC and local branches and their campaigning work?

  • I just stay behind them. There's no reason to try to get in front, too many cyclists seem to assume that bike boxes are the target destination and squeeze through wherever to get there. It's not always safe to do that, what if the lights turn green while you're between a bus and a railing and he's turning into you? Also, Why filter down the left to get to the box when you're turning right? Just stay where you were a few cars back and position yourself in good time in front of a car that's already seen you. Keep vehicles that haven't seen you, in front of you.

  • I usually hang back too as would prefer to see the lorry in front of me etc.

    Probably wasn't very clear above - was trying to say that the implication is that you should be up the front. In short, just think the video should have some explanation of what the options are in this scenario! Anyway - am generally not enjoying commuting by bike at the moment :-(

  • That was quite a surprise. I was expecting one cyclist as they showed the outside of the cab, but not that! I always hang back as 1)Despite the fumes, in winter it is warmer with an exhaust in your face 2) It's not worth the 5 second jump ahead, 3) I don't want to get smooshed.

    Louisa, did you hear someone shout on you at Amhurst Road last night?

  • Ah! I thought that that you but wasn't entirely sure! I was having a miserable ride to Hackney Town Hall with my front mudguard slipping down and was a bit distracted so sorry I didn't stop!

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Do you know where the blind spot is for a lorry?

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