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  • Hello Cyclists of Islington!

    We are currently looking for lots of people (London based - within M25)... and specifically CYCLISTS for a McDonald's commercial!

    Successful applicants will earn £500 - £1000 each. No acting experience necessary!

    You can be a McDonalds 24hr customer for any reason at all... You might work in emergency services, be a 24 hour tradesman, or work for TFL. You could work in London hospitality or a hospital! You could be a baker, a croupier, a florist, a flight attendant, a DJ, a cabbie - the list goes on!

    • You must be over the age of 16
    • You must not have a criminal record
    • You must be available to meet us in person or Skype with us between 28th Jan - 7th Feb 2016.
    • You must be available for filming for a few hours on a night between the 15th-18th Feb 2016.

    For an easy application process please visit the ‘Casting Calls’ page on our website: http://www.etcasting.com OR if you would prefer to email us directly please email [email protected] before Wednesday 27th January 2016 with:

    • Your full name and age
    • Your contact number and location
    • Your occupation
    • A current photo of yourself
    • When you go to McDonalds (roughly time of night/early morning) and why you go at this time?
    • Do you go on your own or with someone else?
    • What do you usually order from the McDonalds menu?
    • Do you have any food allergies?


  • Would I get to meet Ronald McDonald or the Hamburglar?

  • Do you have any food allergies?

    Yes, McDonald's.

  • Do you have any food allergies?

    I'm allergic to unhealthy, crap, mass produced fast food which ruins the diets of impressionable children and ignorant parents, and has a highly destructive impact on the environment through irresponsible sourcing of ingredients.


    Edit: @EDS beat me to it!

  • O ye, of little faith


    (with some qualifications - as mentioned to us at the Mosquito trainer demo).

  • All you've done there is point out how bad 'energy drinks' are.

    Dates, bananas, rice, fish, oats, vegetables, nuts. Works for me.

  • Yeah it's true when
    Froome bonked in the Alps on the 2013 Tour Porte went to the team car to grab him a McChicken Legend burger. ASO deemed this to be practically doping. This is why he was docked 20 seconds.

  • You didn't include yoghurt :(

    I am with the consensus here: that burgers, fries & milkshakes might not be the most healthy diet.

    Won't stop me enjoying them occasionally though, but sadly not between 11pm and 6am - else I might have signed up and been ready to be partially paid in happy meals.

  • I may be able to explain the McDonalds fries - the salt is a preservative, and the thin cut allows them to dry out which also helps preserve them. I still haven't eaten McDonalds food for years though.

  • That does not seem like 'sponsored' article at all.

    However, the researchers said that the experiment included a fairly small sample, and the long-term effects on workout recovery of eating fast food over other, healthier sources of food are not known.

    It's just another garbage study with meaningless sample size, no control group, no exercise protocol etc.

    What it shows is that as long as the adequate amounts of macro-nutrients are delivered within right time frame, one's body should be able to restore body energy levels. What it does not show, is how this type of 'diet' would influence healt in the long run.

    It's all good to produce garbage like that as long as it stays on PubMed.

    It's not ok though to take it out on the news paper front page , giving people a false sense of security/justification. Good job The Times, really....

  • methinx this has been aimed at the wrong audience totally. Not sure why.

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  • At the Mosquito trainer demo evening, there was a chap who spoke about his "Stealth" sports nutrition brand. He described the article. It seems like what was found was pretty much as you describe: if you choose fast food items that provide the same nutrition as you might find in a sports product, you get the same results.

    I doubt this is garbage. Looking past the headlines it's not too hard to see that there's no real health comparison. There is though, I think, some dispelling of the idea that special products provide lots more than can be achieved through other means.

    I found a quote apparently from one of the authors of the study:

    "A lot of the articles out there are totally misrepresenting the study," he said. "We had participants eating small servings of the fast-food products, not giant orders of burgers and fries. Moderation is the key to the results we got."

    'course, with the 4-up TTT in mind, I'd suggest that swift teams should go with pre-race giant orders of burgers and fries (kg rather than g).

  • I called the study garbage because of the design, but I agree with Your point that special product does not always come with better results. I guess the idea behind is to show that food supplements are no better than fast food in short run, but You can also read it as : 'wow, big macs are great recovery food, not as bad as everybody says'.
    Well, they're bad, no matter what compared with.

    I would like to see more attempts on that subject, maybe designed a little bit better, with control group having a balanced diet , and economical aspect taken into account as well.

  • I can't read the article as its behind a paywall. I can believe that a burger and chips would give you the protein and carbohydrate that you'd get from a recovery drink, However, surely there's a crucial difference in fat content, particularly saturated fat, which, as far as I know, has no recovery benefit and is almost certainly detrimental

  • almost certainly delicious

    yep! :D

  • McD = McCrap food = Mclowpayjobs = McEnvironment degradation*

    *personal opinion + not ICCs'

  • I'm signing up. It's £500 - £1,000 for not a lot of work!

    I'd model condoms with holes in them if I got £1,000 for it! Who cares if it's McDonalds!

  • Ill put in £10.

  • fast food items that provide the same nutrition as you might find in a sports product, you get the same results.

    Sorry but I have to agree with @StephendS here, there is no way that a burger or chips that have been uber-processed from high-intensive farming produce, and then cooked in a big deep fat fryer in a fast food restaurant, is going to mirror the nutritional value of a sports supplement. If you equate the generic labels 'fats' 'carbs' and 'proteins' then maybe, but that's certainly not how to do nutrition - if it was, then you could eat 100g of popcorn and say that was just as good as a plate of pasta...

  • Old friend of mine (now since passed on) used to work with Zola Budd and Francois Pienaar.

    In the 90s he used to say that a proper burger, as in top top quality meat, ground, with no processing, was an ideal post workout meal. He'd recommend removing the top bun as the bread was usually the worst part.

    I wholly agree the mass produced rubbish served up by fast food joints isn't in the same game, let alone ballpark, but that's with any food surely? The more we process the nutrients out the less we actually benefit.

  • I believe that they selected products, e.g. hash browns and orange juice, and, for recovery they found that the results were the same - the sports products weren't providing more of an effect than their nutritional content (which you can mirror to quite a good extent with selected fast food).

    No suggestion that typical fast food is as good... until we reach hallowed publications such as the mail online:

    "Hooray! You CAN eat fast food after exercise: Burgers and chips are just as good as supplements for workout recovery, study claims"

  • Tough crowd.

  • Agreed. Seems the option of just not participating did not occur.

  • Signed up. Money = bike stuff.

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Looking for cyclists for TV commercial

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