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  • Hi @KhalidQ,

    If you could come to Whittington Park at 8:20-8:25 that would be best. At 8:30 we start the briefing. Just identify yourself as a guest to anyone with an ICC jersey, and the'll tell you everything you need to know.


  • @Thibaud just spotted your comment above regarding Cross. Did my first cross race (and first ever cross ride tbh) this week and really enjoyed it. Just wondering if you have any local routes you know that perhaps you could lead a ride on at some point. There is a small (but probably set to increase) number of cross riders in the club so should be some interest.


  • @SamuelD I am based in Epping Forest (Woodford end) and I know a few routes using the Forest itself, as that's where I work. I do a 30/40k loop, longer if you take in some road and head towards the Stort Navigations over at Little Hallingbury. I am also booked on the Tour of the Cornfields on the 6th of September, 100km route for cross bikes. Check event posted in 'In The Saddle' forum. Will have a look at creating a route linking in all the places I use.

  • Hi I live local , and would like to join the club there is a couple of us that would like to come along , same as above just completed ride London , looking to join our local, hope this is ok

  • It will be fine, just turn up about 8:20 - 8:25 and make yourself known to whoever is leading your ride.

  • I would strongly suggest you join the C group ride to epping tomorrow. Great route with a bit of climbing just for fun. Have fun!

  • Thanks guys see u in the morning

  • Hi myself and my partner are looking to join you guys/gals for a ride tomorrow if that is ok? We ride regularly during the week and at weekends. Of course we might not make it out as my partner is out drinking tea!!!

  • You are welcome to join

  • Hi guys, I missed out on the September intro ride due to numbers, is attending a C ride a suitable equivalent? My fitness is OK, I go to spinning regularly and I have recently been using my road bike on a route from Camden up to Hampstead via Highgate - although I would still very much class myself as a beginner! If the C ride is a decent equivalent, is there one happening not this Sunday but the Sunday after?

  • Hi,

    we have rides running out of Whittington Park every Sunday. Not sure what the plan is for that particular day you are thinking, but there will be a ride for sure. We'll know more about the route closer to that time.

    C Group rides are approximately 35-40 miles, at a speed of approximately 12-13 miles per hour. They often involve some hills, which everyone climbs at their own pace, and we regroup at the top. Cruising speed on the flat would probably be at around 15-16 miles per hour.

    If you feel confident your legs are up to this, then please do feel free to join us on one of our Sunday C rides. Alternatively, join us on a Saturday morning Regents Park session, which is just an hour long, but a bit faster (its all flat!), followed by coffee at one of the cafe's nearby.

    Intro rides are slower and shorter than the Sunday C group rides (~25 miles at maybe 11-12 miles per hour usually). We'll have one in October as well if you can't get a place for September, although it's worth mentioning that we do have last minute cancellations and you may be quick enough to grab a place for Sep 12.


  • Nice one, thanks Orestis. I might start with Regent's Park in that case. I tried to add myself to the intro ride in September but it's fully booked, will I automatically be notified if someone drops out?

  • Hi,

    Have you signed up for membership? If so there is the option to take part in a skills session whilst waiting for the Intro to free up. This will be held at the beginning of September but we are only opening it to members at this stage. If not, I'm sure you'll be fine trying a Regent's Park or Sunday C ride

  • Hi!
    I'm also keen to join - I can't see how to join the intro ride. Please could you let me know how I get on the list? Otherwise a Sunday C ride sounds good too - there's a couple of us that would love to join. Cheers, Kate.

  • Dear @Kate2510 The intro ride is full at the moment, but often places come free in the final weekend before the intro. We encourage all new members to do an intro ride, which are organized once a month.­fset=25#comment12470776

    Before you have a place you are welcome to join a C-ride or Regents Park if you are happy with distance and speed. See orestis his post above for more details.

    Hope to see you soon

  • Guys, if you hit the "follow" button on the right hand side and click the notify me be email option, you will get instantly notified of any changes to the thread.

  • Myself and @amangera will be leading the C group ride this Sunday, any newcomers are more than welcome to join. Not sure of the exact route yet, Ahmed said he will ping it across to me this evening. All I know thus far is it will be out towards Essex direction.

  • @Thomas_J

    I volunteered to lead this Sunday nearly 3 weeks ago.­272298/

    I did complete the spreadsheet but saw my name has been moved to helper.

  • @Ebrahim, I hadn't seen your name on the spreadsheet, hence why I volunteered.

    I'll be there on Sunday anyways and if another C group needs leading i can do it. Otherwise I'll just head out with the B's.

  • @Thomas_J no worries buddy. Better we have too many volunteers than not enough.

    We can work it out on the day. No bad thing having 3 of us. We can take it in turns to sweep up at the back.

    See you this weekend mate.

  • Hi everyone. My name is James and I'm new to the area and looking for a club to join. I am a relatively serious rider, but have not got much experience riding in London, so I would appreciate getting to know the roads with some more city savvy riders! Is there a Sunday Club run going on tomorrow, and if so, would it be okay if I came along and introduced myself?
    Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you soon.

  • Hey James,

    There will be A, B and C standard club runs tomorrow leaving from Whitington Park (Holloway Road Entrance) at 8:30 am. You're more than welcome to join. When you show up, just make yourself known to some of the others floating about in Islington CC cycling jerseys..see you tomorrow.

  • Hi all

    What time and where is the Saturday morning ride? Is it just laps of Regent's Park (i.e. suitable for beginners?!)?



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This Sunday's ride

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