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  • Hi,

    I am an average rider that's been looking for a club to join for a little while. I just completed last weekend's RideLondon at an average of 27.5km/h. I am based in Woodford and mostly ride the Hadhams in Hertforshire or the Rodings in Essex.

    Looking at the information on the website I would be suited to your B or C group I think. I'm keen to have a go and I wondered what's planned for this Sunday and if it's just a case of turning up and riding along.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    PS: I am also interested in Cyclocross and Track. Indeed I ride a cross bike at all times, with different wheels depending what I am up to.

  • Hi,

    I am leading a C-ride this sunday into Herts - route here:­4

    We'll be averaging 12-14mph, coffee & cake at the end.

    If you're interested, we'll be rolling out of Whittington park at 8:30 on Sunday.


  • Thanks, sounds good. Will see you there.

  • Hi Orestis, I am in a similar position to Thibaud. I would like to join you guys for the group c ride on Sunday too if that's OK? Jamie

  • You're welcome to join on Sunday @Jmc

  • Just loaded the route onto my Garmin! 56.6kms with 735m of climbing, looking forward to meeting everybody tomorrow.

  • Hi guys, my name's Rob and not to jump on the bandwagon but I've also just done ride London and have been looking to join a club for a while. I've seen a lot of Islington jerseys out on my rides and from the forums you seem a friendly bunch. Ok if I join?

  • Hi Rob,

    Echoing what @Orestis & @Martine said above, you're most welcome to come along and ride tomorrow. Enjoy, it's a great little route.



  • Yes Rob, it's a friendly bandwagon, jump on!

  • Great ride this morning, really enjoyed it. Average on my Garmin was 24.5km/h (including my 'commute' from Woodford) so a quickish C group. The kit matches my bike so I think next step is joining full-time! Thanks to the ride leaders today, really supportive and helpful. Looking forward to meeting more of you as time goes on.

  • I enjoyed the C ride this morning! Thanks @Orestis and Lewis for leading it, great job! I've just signed up for a membership and a jersey. Looking forward for many more nice rides in the future!

  • Welcome Michael! It was great having you on board today. Great ride indeed. See you on the road soon.

  • Hey @Orestis I have just joined too after riding with the C group on Sunday led by Richard. The route was awesome BTW!

  • Welcome @Jmc

  • Great! Welcome +Jmc.

  • Just picked my jersey up today and worn it at the Velodrome, passing Stage 2. Should be out Saturday this week so hopefully will meet more of you there.

  • Well done! See you on the road soon. I may be out Saturday for some fast laps of RP

  • Yeah great ride out on Sunday, I was in the Richard group - I also found it a fast-ish 'C' ride. But ended up having a great group who managed to stay pretty tight throughout. Thanks to all the leaders and seconds for their efforts despite equipment issues.
    I had a bit of a day planned so couldn't make the pint at Pally - next time perhaps.

  • Just to add, although a C-ride may start with a lower speed target, it is up to the leader to increase the speed if and only if the whole group can cope with a slightly higher speed (making sure nobody is dropping of). Often when the group is cohesive people can do a lot faster than expected. I have also seen the opposite, a lot of climbing, lower average but still a great ride. Weather also has influence.

  • Thanks. Will there be rides coming out of the Park on Holloway Rd too?

  • While the pace may have been a bit faster than 'advertised' on Sunday, the leaders made sure to ask if pace was ok, plenty of stop to breath and certainly a 'nobody left behind policy' that would put a US Marine to shame. Compared to riding alone, it was a revelation.

  • did you see a few of us are attending a skill session for stage 2/3 riders next tuesday?­256382/?offset=200#comment12445721

  • yep +Thibaud get in on the action. The performance jersey will get an airing as well for those who are interested.

  • I'm defo booked plus another one on the 24th at 10am. @MattyP @JonnyK Doing stage 3 on the 19th of September.

  • Hi folks. I'm a potential new member. Plenty of cycling through the years but no club experience since I was a kid. I'm looking to join a C ride on Sunday. The hilly one that @JamesE proposed would be my preference. Should I just turn up at Whittington Park at 8:30am tomorrow?

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This Sunday's ride

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