Club rules?

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  • I've been out with the club three times now, and I think I will join.

    The first time I came on a club ride someone mentioned that they thought there was a rule requiring wearing a helmet. I haven't been able to find any club rules online though and if there are rules I'd like to be able to read them before I join.

    Does anyone have any information about this?


  • Regardless of the rules, why would you not wear one?

  • Hello Barney,

    I cannot see any rules in our constitution about mandatory wearing of cycle helmets. +Sir_Shannonball will know for sure and also if not wearing a helmet invalidates any insurance that we may have. This may only apply to some events that we run.

    However, I would strongly recommend that you do wear a helmet when attending club rides for your own safety.

  • P.S - There is another club rule though. If you have been out with the club 3 times then you must join or you cannot ride with us for 'free' any more.

  • Hello Laura and Michool.

    I'm happy to wear a helmet on the club runs, but I wouldn't want to sign up to wear one every time I go out on my bike.

    My question was a bit more general, I also wanted to know if there were any other written rules I'd be expected to follow. I've read the Forum Conduct post.

    Is it possible to see a copy of the constitution?

  • The constitution is only available for members to view in 'The Clubhouse' section of the forum.

    I can't comment on why its viewing has been restricted to members only. Paging our Chairman +RichardM who might know why.

  • No non-members (and few members, to be honest) have previously expressed an interest in seeing it. That situation having now changed, I would be happy for it to be accessible to non-members.
    +Sir_Shannonball - Could you please make the link publicly available and notify +Barney on this thread when it is so he can read it.
    +Barney -Happy reading.
    Thanks all.

  • Done - the constitution is now pinned in Clipping in.

  • Thanks +Sir_Shannonball. I've joined the club.

    I claimed to already be a member on the BC purchase form since there didn't seem to be any other way to indicate that I want to join this club.

    Also I ticked both the 'medium' and 'large' boxes as I wasn't sure which jersey would fit me better.

  • Hello +Sir_Shannonball. Can you confirm my membership? I'd like to come on a ride this weekend.

    How do I go about getting my jersey?

  • hi @Barney if @Sir_Shannonball or @The_Other_Rob haven't yet confirmed your membership I'm sure they will soon. You'll be sent instructions and a voucher to collect your jersey.

    In the mean time your welcome to come on our rides! We are encouraging all our new members to join an introduction to club cycling session, so please do that if you can.

    If you are new to club riding take a look at our guide to riding in a group, it will be a big help.­687/ We are a friendly bunch and will help you out if you have any questions.

  • How do I go about getting my jersey?

    Hi - if you've bought a jersey as part of your membership then once +The_Other_Rob has sent you confirmation and a voucher then you can pop down to Mosquito bikes on Essex Rd who hold a stock of our jerseys.
    Any other kit questions, contact me - [email protected]

  • Thanks @aidan. I did get my membership confirmed last Friday and I've picked up my jersey. Didn't quite make out out to a club ride last weekend, partly because I discovered that my rear axle was broken so I had to buy a new wheel.

  • oh no! Hopefully see you out on a ride soon!

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Club rules?

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