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  • Hey there -

    I signed up through the website yesterday, following the link to the British Cycling site and filling in my details etc

    I just had a few questions -

    1. Do I need to do anything else? I haven't heard from the club and just wondered how to get info regarding accessing members sections like the 'clubhouse' and Strava club etc

    2. I'm really interested in racing this coming Spring/Summer... Is it possible to upgrade my Bronze BC membership to a Silver with a race licence through the BC website?

    3. How do I go about picking up my kit and where from?

    4. A couple of the leaders at the intro ride I went on mentioned a 10 Lap, TT series/competition at the Lee Valley Velo Park around the road circuit that encompasses it. I live right next to the Olympic park so I was wondering if anyone had any more info on this and how to enter etc

    Thanks in advance! Sorry for all the questions - pretty new to club cycling and competition cycling.

    Jonny B

  • Hi Jonny

    1. Our membership manager +The_Other_Rob will process your membership shortly.

    2. Yes. Contact BC.

    3. Rob's welcome email will give you details of where to pick up your jersey.

    4. Lea Valley CC run that race series, it ran April-end of August last year.

    And, of course, welcome.


  • Thanks David! Hopefully I can thank you in person on a ride soon :)


  • Jonny
    I spoke to the Chairman of Lea Valley CC last Sunday.
    They are planning to re-run the TT series at the VeloPark.
    We will circulate details when they are available.
    Welcome to the Club!

  • Welcome to the club +JonnyB.

    Some ICC members head to the Velopark for training rides on Wednesday evenings as well (since you are so close to the Velopark!). There's a thread on the forum about it which people post on when they are planning to head there if you are interested.­257058/

  • @RichardM @Laura Thanks!

    Look forward to the details - and will monitor the forums for other opportunities to get involved with TT'ing and racing. The East London hill climb races look tempting too. I'm also signing up to Trainer Road so will try and get involved with the club group on there too.

    I finish work late'ish during the week and by the time I get back East its too late to head over the Velopark. I can usually be found slogging it round there on Saturday mornings though :)

    See you riding soon!


  • @Martine You posted while I was typing :) Thanks for those links too!

  • Apologies.... been off line for the last few days.

    just catching up now. Did you get everything that you need?


  • Hi guys

    I've just joined up - haven't been out on any rides yet! I'm no stranger to group rides and I have a good bike but it's been a couple of years since I've done any proper cycling and I'm slightly nervous of my cycle fitness for heading out with a group! I cycle to work every day (but just 5miles!) and am reasonably fit (running). Wondering what the recommended approach is - I hate the idea of dragging a group down! I'm keen to get going but should I wait until the next introductory ride or is there a gentle-paced group that goes out in the mean time to get me back into it?! Cheers!

  • Welcome!
    Perhaps the best place to start (other than the introductory ride) would be the 8am ride on Saturday morning, in Regents Park. The pace is steady and as the ride uses Regent's Park no one need have any concern about getting lost or falling behind. If you do the latter, simply ride at your own pace until the group catches you.
    Once you have a sense for how you are going relative to the other riders, the natural progression would be to the C group ride on Sunday (and, in time, to the B group and then the A group).
    I hope that helps.

  • Hi Richard...Cheers for the tip...I'll do just that! Hopefully see you in one of the groups soon!

  • Hi @Orla.

    I have processed your application but will email you full details in the morning. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't want a club jersey?

  • Hi @The_Other_Rob

    Have you managed to process my app too? I haven't received anything other than my BC confirmation email. Also would like to join the ICC Strava group :)



  • I'll get on it this morning.


  • Cheers Rob!

  • Would you mind sorting mine too @The_Other_Rob ? thank you! :)

  • All done.

  • Many thanks @The_Other_Rob, although i still don't seem to be able to post in the forum, I've tried logging back in....?

  • Should all have access now.

  • Hi there!
    I did my registration through the British Cycling website last Friday. @The_Other_Rob, could you please have a look at my application too when you have a minute?
    I came for a Sunday ride a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it.
    Looking forward to joining the Club.

  • hi @Ivan.B if @The_Other_Rob haven't yet confirmed your membership I'm sure they will soon. You'll be sent instructions and a voucher to collect your jersey.

    In the mean time your welcome to come on our rides! We are encouraging all our new members to join an introduction to club cycling session, so please do that if you can.

    If you are new to club riding take a look at our guide to riding in a group, it will be a big help.­687/ We are a friendly bunch and will help you out if you have any questions.

  • Tried to post in c group ride forum but it wont let me, anyone know why?
    Thanks for your company Wayne , a very enjoyable tide. Steve btw :) north of potters bar Epping green and a few lumps including essingdon for those who missed it.
    What has happened to C ride, not very welcoming fir any new members.

  • +Stevek

    The C ride is completely dependent on ICC members stepping up to suggest a route for one either on the forum, or on Sunday at Whittington Park. We don't provide leaders for rides as such - its all down to the members. So if no one offers to lead... there is no ride.

    As for your forum access, you need to get in touch with either +Sir_Shannonball or +Al to sort that out.

  • @Stevek You are only allowed to post on the forum once you are a member. Sometimes there is a short delay between the membership and the links within the forum @The_Other_Rob can you see what is going on?

    What do you mean with your comment on the C-ride?

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New member questions

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