Hi ICC. Can I join...

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  • ... those of you on Sunday to ride with as a 1st ride. My normal velo-compadres become very scarce at this time of year and I've been meaning to give ICC a go since the summer. Quiet excited at the prospect of a friendly local cycle club. Hopefully that's cool, and one of you could let me know if its on for Sunday 8.30 at the Whittington Park. With thanks, Ash.

  • Hi Ash. Welcome.
    Yep it's on for Sunday. I won't be there as Up Northy for the week but come along and have fun.
    There's various levels and no one gets left.

  • Hi +Ash_B, as Jay say's there are a couple of ride distances operating on a Sunday. This Sunday the long group are being led out by David Shannon on a Century ride into the Chilterns which should be excellent if the weather holds up.

    Here is the route: http://connect.garmin.com/course/2404348­

    I'm not sure on the shorter ride route, but it's usually about 40-50 miles.

    08:30am on the Holloway Road entrance to Whittington Park - look out for the grey and green jerseys! Oh, and don't forget your mudguards which are are club request on all rides between October and April.

  • I think this will be the shorter ride on Sunday, which should be around 12-14 miles an hour on average - http://connect.garmin.com/course/4728459­

    I'll be leading it, so it won't be fast. Lots of waiting at the top of hills. Usually for me

  • I'm easing myself back into it, test out the hamstring so I think I will be joining this weekend again. May even break out some baked goods.

  • @Ali.
    Im going up North. Any chance of holding off on the baked goods till im back?

  • I'm always suspicious of luminous food. Unless it's piccalilli with a pork pie.

  • @Ali.
    Cakes look amazing Ali.

    However,, can you make homemade pork pies ??
    If you can you are well on the way to winning the ICC Member of the Year award that I'm currectly running.

  • Actually, I do make good pork pies. I packaged some up for the Dynamo this year so I wasn't just surviving on sugary energy snacks.

  • Hello Jay, Ali, Laura, Shaun, Ben,

    Well this is most encouraging; I feel like I've joined Islington Baking Society... and that's not a bad thing.

    See you tomorrow AM for the smaller route. I'll attempt to fit last years mudguards but I fear they may have been bent out of shape; I'll try my best. It's a nice rule and it's good to see it enforced.

    See you. Ash.

  • Ash,
    I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  • That orange layer... Is it Irn Bru flavour?

  • See you all down there tomorrow too for first ride with ICC and first club run for 10 years! Really looking forward to it

  • Looking forward yo meeting you, @abf .

  • see everyone tomorrow ...


  • Wonderful ride today - made it home safely on the train - did not want to push it as my legs and chest were cramping badly. Peter

  • Glad you made it home safely. The lights were out in North London and it was a bit scary riding through the traffic.

    Well ridden @Ash_B

    Also well led @ShauNuff

  • Thanks for leading @ShauNuff.
    We should discuss when would suit to claim your free saddle...

  • No worries - the lights in North London did add an element of jeopardy. Also, @RichardM , you rode past me and my girlfriend on your way back into Archway. I did a little wave, you were obviously concentrating on staying safe in traffic so did some world class blanking- hearty laughs from my girlfriend after that.

    Re: saddle, I really wouldn't worry. It's an extremely nice offer but it's ok

  • It was a good ride yesterday and lovely weather - thanks for leading it @ShauNuff!

  • I forgot to say, I fully agree with @Ash_B approach to other cyclists on the road. Calling out hello's to everyone that passed. Very friendly, and something we should continue!

    On a separate note, we turned in a group of about 40 at one point through Potter's Bar as we were joined by Finsbury CC. Their opening gambit of, ooh check the pink bar tape, nice!, got me into a good discussion for a couple of minutes. Points for the committee meeting.

  • Looking over my shoulder and seeing that I was leading what looked like a pro peloton was one of the most terrifying moments I've had on a bike

  • @ShauNuff - Apologies. I did not see you. I was probably focusing on looking casually deliberate, as required by The Rules.

  • @RichardM now that you mention it, 'casually deliberate' is exactly what sprang to mind. All present and correct here

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Hi ICC. Can I join...

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