When to join ICC!

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  • I just want to draw everyone's attention to the fact that we do ask all riders to join the club after they've ridden with us three times. Everyone is in the same boat, no exceptions - and its rather unfair on other paid up members if you continue to ride with us after the introductory limit.

    Please don't offended if we ask you not to ride with us, if you haven't joined up and have been flaunting the three ride rule. Apart from anything else, its just bad manners.

    Your membership fee helps support the club which in turn supports YOUR cycling through special club rides, social events, subsidised courses, - and you get lots of personal benefits as well including free Bronze Membership to British Cycling (see the membership benefits thread for more info). So please join up if you like riding with us.


    P.S It doesn't matter if you ride for other clubs. You can still join ICC.

  • Thanks, Laura. You make a fair, and important, point.

  • Is it time for a name and shame thread in the forum? - peer pressure being a strong motivator, ;)

  • The thing is, how do you police it?

  • I hear that the london dynamos string you up from your heels in the centre of richmond park for the same offence...

  • @hflorence -No they don't. God that'd be ridiculous! As a lapsed Dynamo we used to burn the 'leeches' in a giant whicker deer just off Duchess Wood.

  • There's one rider guilty of this who has a pretty impressive record, probably 6 or more rides. We know who you are and the Shame Wenches are coming for you

  • I paid...

  • @ShauNuff - that persons presence on todays ride prompted me into writing this post! It is totally not fair on all the legit members who pay their annual subs. Its very arrogant behaviour.

  • Ben, the shame wenches shall leave you untouched... This year.

  • Really?!?! Again?!? My word that's not on

  • oooh, it sounds like the shame wenches are homing in, especially if they have strava...

  • That really isnt on if its 6+.. it is actually taking the mickey. I would have no problem telling them that they are not welcome to ride with us if needs be.

    Others dont let us unleash the shame wenches on you.

  • The six times freeloader has been sorted.

    To be clear, we very much welcome guests for up to three rides, after which you must join to continue riding with us.

    You can be a member of other clubs. (I am a member of three).


  • +Shannonball - Three?

  • ICC, Phoenix, WI judging by his baking photos

  • +ShauNuff - WI? As long as he spares us the photos from his "Calendar Girls" photoshoot, I am relaxed.

  • Shouldnt that be "Calender Girl"?

    After you know....

  • Salem Bicycle Club is the third

    More than 400 members and 11 weekly rides in a town with a 150,000 population.

    Love it!

  • Exactly +Shannonball - you can ride for as many clubs as you like. We don't demand exclusivity ;)

  • Hooray!

  • @Shannonball does the Salem club ever do witch trials?

    That'd be a heck of a social event.

  • Indeed. Time trials. Witch trials. All bases covered.

  • +Ben6899 that would be Salem, Massachesetts, where the infamous witch trials took place. Naturally, I don't go there...

    This is Salem, Oregon, where witches may live free and there are micro brew beers aplenty.

    SBC runs two big (food-related) rides (you can see the attraction to me): The Monster Cookie Century and the Peach of Century. They get about 2,000 riders for each of these!

  • The Monster Cookie Century?

    This sounds like the best cycle ride EVER. ----books trip to Salem, Oregon immediately----

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When to join ICC!

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