Help, I'm new here!

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  • If you're new to Islington Cycling Club, you can still look at all of our Microcosm forum and you may take part in conversations in the Clipping in section, which is there to answer FAQs.

    You can see all the rest of the site, but it's only members that can post in the In the saddle, Out of the saddle and On the rivet sections.

    The only exception is The clubhouse, which is a members only area.

    The main thing is to come along to our club rides and see if you enjoy riding with us. You can come to up to three rides as a guest.

    If you like it, join up!

    Please ask any questions you may have here.

  • Hello! I am coming on my first ride tonight, anything I should know before I join in? Looking forward to it even though the weather is horrid today...

  • Hi Annabel, welcome! As long as you bring lights I think that is the main thing! Who is going on the training ride this evening? Are you doing the standard route or the hills route?

  • Hello Laura! oooh, good question didn't realise there were two, what would you suggest? I don't mind either but perhaps the standard would be a better introduction? By hills I assume you mean places like Swains Lane / Muswell Hill et al? :) I live around the corner from Swains so know the pain of reps on that one very well haha!

  • It will be the standard Thursday route:­

  • @Annabel I won't be along this evening but I believe other ICC members will be. Let us know how you get on :)

  •'s pretty wet outside and as yet I don't have any wet weather currently having a re-think about tonight :( Will see if it clears up!

  • Is anyone else going? I can't post in any of the other areas of the forum at the moment to find out

  • Hi Annabel, all I can say is that I won't be there as I have the lurgy. Sorry, I know that's not much help!

  • @ben6899 Haha, that's alright. I had it too a couple of weeks ago, it's doing the rounds. Okay maybe I will wait for next week when there may be a few more people riding

  • Or if you can make it on a Sunday morning there will always be a strong turnout, and most often for two speeds of rides. Hope to see you soon!

  • @laura_H I went in the end last night, was a vert cold and ver windy ride but want to say a big thanks to Dominic and Simon for looking out for me last night! We ended up doing laps around after going to Ally Pally and fighting with tons of traffic. Pace was a bit strong for me but did my best, more practice needed ;) Will try and come on Sunday, I have to work in the afternoon so need to work out if I can feasibly fit it all in - what time does the shorter ride normally aim to finish at?

  • *laps around Regents Park that should have said!

  • Last week the shorter ride stopped at the cafe in Barnet some time around 11.30. Some people went straight home and others stayed for a coffee. If you don't stop i guess you'd be back in islington around 12.

  • @aidan Thank you!

  • Nice one, well done for heading out last night @Annabel - I totally hid in my flat like a coward because I didn't fancy the wind or rain. Hope to see you on a Sunday ride soon though!

  • @laura_H definitely, I couldn't manage it today, last night's job ended late and needed a lie in as doing it all over again tonight! Would like to go on next week's Thursday ride - are there any other girls doing it? Loved riding last week but felt I was holding them back :(

  • Hey @Annabel - You're really not holding people back (unless your speed is super-duper slow, but I am guess its not) so don't worry about that. And every time you go out you'll be that little bit faster as well! I didn't go out today - surprise visit from the in-laws has sabotaged any two-wheeled adventures. I will let you know if I am out in the week and on Sunday 20th. :)

  • Just testing a post here, unable to post in "coffee and cake" ride thread, as have in sufficient permissions.

  • @Stevek make sure you are using the email you gave me when you joined the club, not a variation.

  • Looks like that was the problem, now seems to be working, thanks :-) might even be able to get out next Sunday. Need to get some clip on mudguards though! (Or ride at the back)

  • @Laura_H thans for the encouragement ;) Yeah I'm not super slow, just not as fast or powerful as the boys were last Thursday! Will try and come out again this Thursday if that's cool with people, and then I can make my decision about joining up for real.

  • Hello, I would love to come out on a ride again tonight, it's all going ahead meeting at Whittington at 6.30?

  • Annabel.
    Check out the Thursday night ride section

    Yes some are going out. Me included if I can get my light to fit on.

  • Hi @Annabel - I shall try and join the group tonight as well! I'm not sure of the route as I haven't ridden it before - lets hope someone knowledgeable is leading out!

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Help, I'm new here!

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