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  • Mike - the next intro ride is on 2 Dec, but currently fully booked.

    Look in the Clipping in section as all the intro and group skills events are listed there. You will need to click Yes I am Attending on the one you can go to.

  • Thanks - much appreciated

  • Hi Friends,

    I have attended to Intro ride on December 2nd and I just signed up to be a member. I made the payment. I just wanted to make sure that I paid the right amount. I am a senior member (age 50), and paid 102 GBP. I presume that is correct amount.

    My second question is how to follow events from now on. I am mostly available on Saturdays, but if I can manage a midweek ride, I can do that too. Is there any schedule of rides of various groups?

    Finally, since I am not much available to ride on Sunday due to my job, I wonder if there is anybody who are organising/interested in longish rides on Saturdays (4 hours or so)?

    I am excited to be part of this, and hope to meet some of you in due course.

    Best wishes,

  • +Engin Welcome.

    Our rides are detailed here:­/117/?offset=425#comment13973369
    We have a weekly newsletter that has those details and other events.
    There is no way to pay £102. Membership costs £50.

    Our membership manager will process your application this week - it is a manual process.

  • (You may have paid the extra £ for some sort of BC membership).

    Organisation of Saturday rides goes down here -­/260007/

  • Thank you! I am looking forward to joining you all.

  • Hi All,

    Not quite sure who I should be directing this to; I'm hoping to book onto the skills session in order get myself signed up as a member and so was wondering when the next available spot is, preferably in the new year?



  • Hi Tim,

    There is a intro ride on 6 Jan which has spaces. Click here and say you’re attending.

    Alternatively, this is the thread for the group skills on 18 Jan.

    If you have any queries, tag +AlecJ and he’ll be more than happy to answer.

    In the meantime, have a wonderful christmas and new year, and I look forward to meeting you on a ride.



  • Hi,
    I did an introductory ride on the 3rd of Feb and 2 Sunday rides on 4th and 11th of Feb, can I become a member or do I have to attend a group skill ride in order to join???

  • Hi @Ty,
    If you have done the introductory ride then you are able to join the club - you aren't required to do a Group Skills ride as well, though it is a good way to brush up on your skills. Ideally the membership secretary will have been given your name by the Introductory Ride Leader that day (worth checking) and your application can go ahead. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

  • Hi,
    I made an application to be a member and i was wonder, how long will it take to process the application?
    Will I receive a notification if I been accepted?

  • Hi Ty, if you let me know your full name I can look up your application in our database. I usually process applications on Monday and Thursday evenings. You can also e-mail me at [email protected] if you prefer

  • Hello, I've just had my membership accepted - apologies if this is covered somewhere already but how do I gain full access to the forum?

  • Just wondering the same thing as you Andy Lum. I check my emails at lunch and my application was excepted but wondering how to access the rest of the forum.

  • @AndrewCannons @AndyLum

    Hi gents, it’s an analogue process so you just need to wait on our membership secretary to process you both fully.

    Shouldn’t take too long!

  • Hi,
    I've had my membership application accepted. How do I get access to the forums?

  • Hi @aidan I’ve renewed my membership....Can you please open the door to the main forum again?

    Thanks pal

  • @JonnyK can you do the honours for @Johnny_Mack_The_Raven?

  • Thanks @JonnyK All sorted mate!

  • Hey, I've just paid to join again through British Cycling. Can you give me access to the forum please? Thanks, Charlie

  • Hi,

    I had my membership application accepted but I need to sort out the payment (BC wasn't able to draw it). Also it is possible to sort forum access?


  • Hi there. I had my membership approved on Friday just gone but I don't have access to the members forum yet. Could someone help me out? Looking forward to doing some club rides!

  • Hi,

    I've been a member since Aug but I seem to keep getting locked out of the forum. Can I get my access back please!


  • Hi +Alexkinna

    This is because your BC email is an aol one and you use a gmail account for the forum. An account will have been created with your aol one, so you have three options:

    1. if you don't care about your chat history, simply use the aol account
    2. if you want the chat history, we can merge across to the aol account
    3. if you don't want to use the aol account, please update british cycling's database (and I can update the mailing list).

    I hope that helps


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Becoming a member

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