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  • I can't see any of the messages on the forum apart from in the clipping in section - someone mentioned on the intro ride you can see what rides people are planning for this because I'm not a member yet?


  • The good news, +Penny , is that you've done an intro ride already, so joining will be quick. :-)

  • Hello. I've done my intro Ride and received the email from Eva to confirm confirmation. Please may I have access to the forum/rides if possible? Thanks

  • Completed intro ride and just signed up :-)

    Hopefully will join a ride this Saturday.

    Random and possibly a silly question... I paid the membership etc via the British Cycling Club page that was directed from the ICC site, I just can't see the link between my username on this forum and my full name used to sign up, do you pair them using the email address?

  • Hi guys, keen to join but a few quick questions.

    I spent most of the day on the Great Escape in May riding with a group of ICC cyclists - the guys and gals suggested this would count as an intro ride? Or do I need to do a formal one? (if so, when is the next one?)

    I'm already a member of British Cycling but as a 'Ride' member, not a 'Race' (which seems to be included free in ICC membership fee). Is this an issue? Do I need to change my membership type and/or level? It's all a bit confusing.

  • Hi @user79231 you still need to take part in a formal skills session, either the Intro Ride or the Group Skills Session. Since you did the Great Escape I would recommend the Group Skills session. In fact if you are free tonight we are running one at 6:30pm.

    If you can't make it tonight, then we have a number of other Group Skills sessions running every month, just sign up to one of these. In the meantime as a non-member you are more than welcome to join us on up to 3 club rides before needing to sign up.

    As for BC membership, 'Ride' is more than fine (it's what I have). So no need to change anything.

  • Hi James! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I'd love to join tonight but have other plans I'm afraid. Where would I find the details for upcoming Group Skills sessions? I'm keen to join you guys for a club ride next weekend too - need to get some training in for London 100 :)

    Thanks for the help!

  • You can find them all listed out in the forum.

    The next one is on the 22nd

  • Hi!
    I joined the introduction session yesterday with @elias , and today's ride too. Enjoyed both a lot! So I just purchased my membership through British cycling, I guess you will link this account and British cycling payment by the email address, otherwise my full name is Pablo Astrain Mocoroa.
    Many thanks and see you on the road!

  • When you join, i see there is a £50 and £25 option. As a new member can you opt for either? or you need to take the 50£ option which comes with kit?

  • £25 is for renewals only, which I'm pretty sure it says on the website.

  • Hi, I am new to London and looking to join the Club. I can't make the Group Skills session this week and will be travelling from next week such that the next Group Skills session I could get to would be on 28 Sept (if there is one). Am I able to join a Sunday Ride without Group Skills? Thanks.

  • Hey,

    Yes, prospective members are welcome to come along to up to 3 rides as a taster before joining. Unfortunately, I don't think there's meant to be a group skills ride on the 28th; the next group skills is planned for 12 October, or there will be an Intro Ride (which also fulfils the requirement for joining) on 7 October. Keep an eye out for when those get posted.


  • Thanks Kevin - do I just show up for the ride next Sunday? Or do I need to give notice somewhere? I would like to do a 'C' ride as am just getting back on the bike this week. Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi,

    Turn up to the park at around 8:15 and introduce yourself as new. Someone will do a briefing which will cover the rides on offer and the club riding etiquette. I'm sure there will be a C ride running.



  • Hi I've just joined. How do I sign up for the introductory ride on October 7th?

  • David, I'm in the same boat as you.

    Plan is to turn up a bit early on the 7th and introduce myself. Unless there's something more formal I need to do first? If so, V happy to oblige

  • Hi @DavidW, @Daniel.JD,

    To attend the Intro Ride you need to sign up for the ride by using the "Yes, I'm attending" button, on ride page

    It looks like the ride it currently full, but if you keep checking the page you might see a space become available.

  • Thanks James

    That was me signing up that nabbed the last place!

    Looking forward to it.


  • I'm hoping to join the club and was wondering when the next available pre-membership session is? I was hoping to come to the intro ride on 7/10 but can see its fully booked. Is there another ride I can attend a bit sooner than the November intro ride?


  • Hi Joe,
    there's a Group Skills session tonight. Add your name with the 'I'm attending button' if you're going to come along.


  • Perfect, I'll come along!


  • Hi - I'd like to join, when's the next intro or club ride I can come along to? Thanks, Mike

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Becoming a member

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