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  • Thanks for hosting the ride today; I'm planning to attend the group skills session in January, and look forward to joining the club!

  • @DavidAThomas - welcome to ICC. Glad to hear you enjoyed the ride.

  • After three really fun rides, I signed up this morning. Thanks to all that made it such an easy decision to make :)

  • alexT

    After three really fun rides, I signed up this morning. Thanks to all that made it such an easy decision to make :)

    Awesome - welcome, +alexT

  • Hi. Happy to report I'm a new member. I've taken the skills orientation last year and also participated in a Sunday C ride. Paid in Thursday night. Will I receive an email from the club with instructions? I received emails from British cycling so I assume the payment went through.

  • Welcome +YvesDenize - you should receive an email from our membership secretary, +EvaJ shortly.

    Look forward to seeing you out on a ride.

  • Great. Thank you

  • @Sir_Shannonball I messaged a few days ago but I don't think I've been added yet and not sure if you got it? Do I need to do something else?

  • Sorry +Laurajthomas I am a catching up with a few club items. You are all set now.

  • Hello!
    I came along to the introduction ride last Saturday and signed up to become a member on British Cycling but didnt receive any kind of email conformation from ICC or British Cycling. Is that normal? I'm a bit confused! Can I come on a ride Sunday?
    Thor M

  • Hello team! I signed up as a member recently having been pestered by @Philip.OB. Relatively epxrienced solo and small group cyclist. Keen to hear suggestions as to how to get stuck in.

  • Welcome, Abadr. I just sent you a long welcome email with loads of info. Hope to see you out soon!

  • Dear Thor, you have to sign up to ICC separately from BC. See our website for the link. See you out soon. Eva

  • Brilliant, thanks @EvaJ!

  • Hi All, I'm looking for a cycling club for long but social paced cycling at the weekend and have stumbled across you lot! Is joining as easy as just signing up for my intro session on a Saturday morning? Thanks, looking forward to meeting you :)

  • I think the typical/recommended joining 'route' is to grab yourself a place on an intro ride, attend that, and/or potentially one of the groups skills sessions that run, and then sign up through the British Cycling page (there's a link from the club web page):­ubscriptions?&club_id=2040

    Prospective members are also welcome to join up to three club rides as a guest.

  • Can I become a member and join in with rides without having done an introductory ride? Thanks

  • You certainly can join straightaway if you're happy to part with your money! Just follow the link in Tim's description above.

    However you are welcome to ride with the club up to three times before joining so you can try before you buy. We always recommend going on the intro rides or a group skills session as these are specifically designed for new/prospective members. If you choose to do one of the other regular rides instead (see website for details) then please have a quick read of our group riding guide beforehand and ask anyone on the ride if you have any questions about it.

    Hopefully see you on the road sometime soon,


  • Thank You Blake - Philip

  • Ahh! I really wanna join and get out cycling with you. I just can't seem to find any info on where and when to show up to join for a guest ride either midweek or Sunday.
    The intro rides are overfull, besides I have decent experience with road cycling already.

    Any help much appreciated.


  • Thank you @alex
    My impression was that you do more regular rides (this one is in 3 weeks). But perhaps these are for members only? Planned on Strava?

  • We do regular rides, and you can enjoy 3 before your membership needs to be full :).
    All our offerings are set out here -­/117/

  • Amazing - always go to the top of the thread!
    Thank you @alex

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Becoming a member

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