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  • @Matt_M please send a PM to David. Afraid I don't have admin rights for the forum.

  • Hello,

    I am interested in joining the club, if that would be ok. Should I come along for a trial ride at some point? I have done a moderate amount of cycling before, but never in a group.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hey @RobPhillips
    Soo you need to come and join an intro ride- they run first Saturday of every month- and give us the chance to make sure you're familiar with the group riding skills and hand signals etc you'll need.
    There is one this Saturday but looks like it's full-keep an eye for a last minute place if there's a drop out or alternatively get signed up for the one in November which should be posted on Thursday/Friday this week.
    Good luck and let us know if we can help further!

  • Hi @Ceci,

    Thanks for your reply. I will keep an eye on the page for this week in case any slots become available. Unfortunately, the first weekend in November is the one weekend this side of Christmas on which I am not in London. Assuming this weekend remains fully booked, would there be any alternatives to which I could come along, or should I wait for the December ride and sign up for that?

    Thanks again,


  • If you are comfortable with reasonable distances but not in a group, look out for the upcoming group skills session. There will be one next month and are a must if you have never ridden in a group before and should take you to the required level.


  • Hi @RobPhillips

    Almost all club rides [Edit: the regular sessions/occasions rather than particular groups/rides] can be joined by prospective members. The intro ride is particularly suitable and recommended for everyone, but since it is usually booked up quickly, it is quite normal for new members to come along to other rides and catch the intro ride at a later date.

    A Sunday ride, particularly the shorter and less brisk 'C' rides are a good choice, even for strong riders.

    The Regent's park laps on Saturday morning are very social, and a good way to say hello and get used to riding with others.

    Evening rides are also fine, but since it is darker now, numbers of attendees are falling off a little.

  • Hi @Tim(TLB),

    So would it be ok if I came this Sunday at 8:30 and joined the ride?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi @RobPhillips,

    I'm not out this Sunday, so I can't speak for what Sunday rides might be running, and whether there are ride leaders who would be happy to have new members (who haven't ridden with groups before). Perhaps someone else (@JasonM ?) might be able to let you know if there definitely will be a suitable Sunday ride.

    I'm also not about Satuday, but, though the Regent's Park laps are not quite the same as riding off somewhere with the club, it's quite likely you could find one or two ICC members who will be happy to cruise around with one or two new members, and describe signals and the basics of group riding.

    Unfortunately, there hasn't yet been much in the way of ride proposals for this Sunday (I guess things are a little bit less busy than the Summer). So, actually, it may be a little hit and miss to pop to Whittington Park on Sunday with the assumption that there will be a suitable group. There should be a ride that you could join on some Sunday, but maybe best to post and see what rides are actually happening.

  • Hi,

    Would like to do a couple of rides to get to know the club, and from what I can make out I should be good to just come along to the park in the morning and say hello?

    I'm not new to groups, and have come off the back of a pretty busy September on the bike, so was hoping to join a B group - any visibility on if there will be one or not tomorrow?


  • +aahj our Sunday club rides take place every Sunday of the year.

  • Hi all,

    Long term procrastinator looking to finally join the club - have already been on one of the training group rides. Just wondering about sizing on the jerseys... do they tend to come up large/small?



  • Pretty much bang on. How tall/weighty are you and I will estimate. You get the opportunity to try them on with the "free" jersey/£50 membership. Details will come to you in a mail after you sign up.

    Alex (Kit man)

  • 5'10'', 75kg. I'm assuming I'd be a medium. Cheers for response, will likely have signed up before end of the month.

  • Yeah. Sounds about right to me - as I said, you'll be directed to a try-on facility. See you on the road.

  • Hi! I'd like to join the club. Currently commuting 13 miles a day by bike. So fairly used to cycling decent distances. But I've never ridden in a group before.

    Am I right in thinking I need a group skills session and then go from there? I'd like to give it a try in the next fortnight.

  • A group skills session is definitely the way to go if you're not confident in a group. There's one coming up real soon too!

  • Hi Alex, thanks for letting me know. Just spotter it and got my name down for it. Is it OK to come along as a perspective member then join after to start training runs?

  • Yup, that's fine with us. Call it try before you buy 😀

  • Great thanks folks!

  • Hi All,

    I am considering joining the club and I am new to club cycling, I understand I need to do the introduction ride, I have seen there is one on Saturday but it's fully booked, do i need to wait until the next one until I can join?



  • Hi Dan,

    Keep checking the intro ride event as sometimes there are last minute drop-outs and you can get yourself a spot.

    You can also turn up to weekend club rides and make yourself known. Tim has given a comprehensive guide in his comments above: 357 and 359. I don't think I can do much better than that!



  • @BlakeG Cheers for your reply, I'll keep my eye on the forum and if it's not until next month then I will definitely come down on a Saturday to introduce myself.


  • You might also find the group skills on the 17th a good starting point.

  • @alex I did think that would be an Idea, cheers :-)

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Becoming a member

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