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  • Hey,

    There are always rides on Sunday mornings. 8:30 @ Whittington park, but come a bit earlier so that you don't miss the briefing.

    Check the "in the saddle" section for details.


  • Hello, I am an ICC member and foolishly didn't opt to receive a club jersey when signing up. I live quite near to Micycle but apparently you can't actually buy them in store there. Does anyone know whether I can buy one on the club shop online and pick it up in store?

  • @Calum_H I would wait for the powers that be to confirm ( @Sir_Shannonball @Orestis ) however here is a potential solution:

    (This assumes that membership is £25 and membership+jersey is £50)

    Go to club shop and order anything that will total £25 (making your total up to £50). When the site asked to append extra comments related to your order say something like "I don't actually want this stuff this is just to pay the extra to get my joining jersey". Our kit manager, @Alex will then read this and not process your order.

    Then just go to Micycle and pick up a jersey

  • I'm not sure this is the right way to go. You have your opportunity to get the full whack then and there, and if you don't take it then you don't take it. Will let @Orestis @Sir_Shannonball @RichardM give a view. I am keen not to set a precedent here.

    @Calum_H if you want to follow the standard procedure then buy through the shopify as a standard special item. You will not be able to collect from Micycle, they only hold jerseys for new members who have gotten a jersey with their membership.

  • Fair enough. I'm not trying to get the jersey at a discount or anything, I am willing to pay full price for it. I just wanted to pick it up from the shop if at all possible as it's a lot more convenient.

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking to join the club but there doesn't seem to be an option to select a women's jersey size via the British Cycling link? Am I missing something?


  • Hi Ali,

    You select the jersey size when you go to collect your jersey from Micycle. They will tick your name off the list and present you with a selection!


  • That's great, thanks for the quick response @alex!

  • Just the 14 new members this week then! Mental. Must be bigger than 600 now surely

    Welcome all :)

  • ~540 as unfortunately not everyone renews!

  • This reminds me. just spent the best value £25 you can spend!

  • Gosh, what did you buy?

  • ICC membership for a year maybe? Hmmmm

  • I honestly didn't think that needed to be made obvious... :-)

  • I just signed up for a membership but how do I gain access to "in the saddle" section?

    I hope to check if there would be a Thursday (group C) ride this week?

  • @Sir_Shannonball can you help with access for @tb ?

  • Thanks both!

  • Hey @tb welcome to the club! Have you been out with an intro ride or an 8am saturday regents park session yet? We usually ask new members to attend one of these first so we can ensure they are aware of the safety aspects of riding in a group - the next intro ride will be the start of september. If you have already done so or are an experienced group rider then yes there's a ride leaving WP at 6:30 on thursday- we try to split down into groups of different speeds as long as there are enough leaders! let us know if you have any more questions! :)

    p.s you can sign up for the intro ride here:­comment13163023

  • Thanks @Ceci! Yes, I have attended the intro ride and looking forward to joining a ride tomorrow.


  • Fab - enjoy! :)

  • Welcome @tb. I will process your application as soon as I can get access to my ICC membership account and will pass on your details to give you access to the forum. Apologies for the delay. There is usually a ride on Thursdays. Meet 6.30pm at Whittington Park.

  • I am now a member, how do I gain full access to the forum? @Sir_Shannonball

  • Also are there any rides planned for Sunday?

  • Always. Just turn up at just before 8.30 and there will be a vast bouquet of options for you.

    Just make yourself known as a new person to someone who vaguely looks like they've been there before - they'll show you to an ideal ride for you.

  • Hello everyone, have joined once again after having a child and back from injury!
    Up for doing some competitive cycling and social rides soon. Got my jersey now so raring to go.
    Please can you let me know how I can gain full access to the forum? @Sir_Shannonball @EvaJ


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Becoming a member

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