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  • Oh. Yes. That. Oops! Thanks 😀

  • Hi there! I am looking to join the club, what's the next intro ride you have?


  • Hi All

    Thanks for the newbie mention in the newsletter! Couldn't help but join after a great intro ride a couple weekends back.

    Hoping to jump on a bit of club ride action but I don't have the forum permissions yet. How do I go about getting them?



  • As on the previous page, @Sir_Shannonball will impart them to you asap.

  • I believe that this will be done by @Orestis in due course.

    In the meantime, the next club ride is on Sunday at 8.30am from Whittington Park. Just show up 10 mins early and announce yourself as a new member. Our lovely members will ensure you're all clued up on picking the right distance/paced ride for you :)


  • Cheers all, looking forward to it.

  • I assume you're right and I'm wrong, sorry :)

  • What a dangerous assumption ;)

  • Hi there,

    I'm interested in joining and was hoping to come along and join one of your Tuesday rides as a trial. Would that be okay and if so is there a ride planned?


  • Hi Paul,

    We do have rides on Tuesday evenings, however mid week rides are not as well attended as our weekend rides, and thus I cannot guarantee that it will actually take place etc.

    I would strongly recommend you join us for Saturday morning Regent's Park laps (8am) or for our Sunday club rides from Whittington Park (briefing at 8:30am).


  • That's s shame, I'm only in London midweek for work unfortunately.

    Thanks anyway.


  • Hi Paul, if you can do Wednesday then there's always lots out with a number of groups doing the same loop at different speeds. Tuesdays and Thursdays are not always as busy but there'll usually be at least some riders out.

  • Following on from what @BlakeG has said, keep an eye on the threads about Tuesday and Wednesday rides:­265856/newest/ and­132/newest/. Also keep and eye on the weather. There will nearly always be someone out, but, unsurprisingly, the good weather will bring out more.

    What sort of pace are you imaging? It's generally considered sensible for newcomers to get used to the club on a more relaxed ride, hence the suggestion to try Sat or Sun when there are multiple groups. However, I've not noticed any problem with one or two prospective members joining less specifically gentle rides - provided that they are comfortable with the pace (we don't drop riders, but it's not a great or sensible intro to be stretched for the whole ride).

  • Thanks guys.

    I'm stuck with Tuesday for the time being, it's a work thing. Comfortable at 17ish for up to 4hrs, anything longer and I go into safety mode. Can do shorter and sharper as well but not for long! Is there an average for a Tuesday ride or does it depend on who turns up?

    I'll keep an eye on the threads and hopefully hook up with someone tomorrow night.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Last couple of weeks I think there was a single Tuesday group that averaged 28 kph. It's about a 2 hour ride so sounds like you'll be fine.

    @JonnyK is the man in the know.

  • Hi Paul,

    I am assuming 17ish is on the mph rather than kph scale. If you can manage 17mph for 4 hours that's 27.4kph. You should be fine in any group.

    The fast tuesday groups tend to go at around 27/28kph this time of year for about 1.3-1.5 hrs (plus some slightly slower sections getting out of town). Sounds like you should be able to hold this level.

    There is usually a slower group going between 23 and 27kph as well.

    All of this said, the rides are no drop. When you turn up, say you are trialling the club and that you are looking for around a 26-28kph pace. Then if it goes north of this, tell the group and they will slow down.

    Anyone who doesn't listen will be made to Everest Swains Lane ;-)

    I tend to find that the until the light really kicks in, Tuesdays are very much a case of pushing the slowest rider slightly with the fastest sat within their top end. That works usually.

    Hope that helps.


  • @JonnyK is the man in the know.

    First time for everything!

  • Thanks guys, I was talking mph so we should be all good pace wise.

    See you at Whittington Park, looking forward to it.


  • Thanks to everyone out on the ride for letting me tag along last night.

    Hopefully I'll be in London every Tuesday night from now on so with any luck I'll be back for more.

    Thanks again,


  • Nice one, Paul

  • Hi All,

    I've recently moved to Islington and am keen to join tomorrow's B ride if there's space? (I had been hoping to come to today's RP laps but I think the road closures by the embassy caused a change of plan). Comfortable with B Pace and with the distance. Is it just a case of turning up tomorrow before 8.30 or do I need to arrive any earlier to register etc?



  • Hey Tom. If you're comfy riding in a group come along a little early to introduce yourself. Hopefully there will be a few rides on offer at B pace.

  • Thanks Alex,

    Yes, I've previously ridden with a group in North Wales so happy with that aspect too. See you tomorrow!

  • Hi all

    Thanks for the welcome to the club and the little nod in the newsletter.
    After such a good trial Sunday ride with the C group a couple of weeks ago I wanted to a part of this terrific club.
    I look forwand to more great rides.

  • Hi there,

    I have just joined the club and was keen for a ride this weekend. Are there any rides on Sunday morning?


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Becoming a member

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