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  • alright, as I joined the club today it should just be a matter of time then. thanks for clarifying!

  • Hello is there a B ride this Saturday ? If so please can I join? I'm a member of two other clubs so used to riding at that pace and in groups
    Cheers ! Isobel

  • Yes there will be a B-ride @user6786

  • Thanks Martine! Is the sat b ride from Wittington Park at 8 30 ?

  • Yes, we leave at 8:30 so be there 5 minutes before. Have a nice ride.

  • Thanks Martine !

  • any way to pay a premium and get the performance jersey rather than the club jersey?

  • Unfortunately we don't keep stock of the performance jerseys so you wouldn't be able to grab one - they can only be had on a special order basis through the shopify.

  • Howdy,

    I've just signed up and believe my membership has been approved by @Sir_Shannonball , but i was just trying to post to­619/?offset=900#comment12808955 but I get permission denied... any idea what i need to tweak to get access?

    thanks, Chettz

  • @Sir_Shannonball will be able to tweak your permissions. Also, welcome!

  • Hi, I’m hoping to join the club. I emailed the club secretary a few weeks back about joining.
    I’m hoping to join the C group on Sunday March 6th if that’s ok? Many thanks, Steve

  • Hi there. If you have experience riding in a group the C ride should be all good for you.
    To officially join, you need to go via the British Cycling website.

    Welcome, in advance!

  • I have experience in cycling not majorly in big groups but keen to get involved and learn.
    I’ve a background in running marathons, I’ve ran three (all around 3:15) and have another in April but after want to focus solely on cycling.
    I’ve the London Triathlon in the summer then plan is to do a European sportive as a trip away late August/September etc... and thought joining my nearest cycling club was a good way to start!

  • Certainly sounds like you're fit enough Steve! You don't necessarily need group riding experience to join the C ride, just let the leader know you're new and they should tell you all you need to know.

  • Hello please can you tell me the usual pace of the B and A groups ? I've looked at the pace on your website but a friend said the B ride is a little slower than advertised . What is the A pace ? ( I know that's a stupid question as it depends who is riding and what the collective mood is ... but will ask anyway ) I'm hoping to find a 26/27 kph ride ...
    Thank you

  • Cheers! Can't say I'm cycling fit but hope to get there some day. Prefect I'll turn up on Sunday week and go from there.

  • B rides are 24-26/7 kph depending on how well the group works together. A rides are 28kph plus

  • Thanks Alex !

  • Hi there - I'm very keen to join a ride with the club. I've been cycling for years and have a fair bit of experience riding in groups. Currently riding about 70km each weekend averaging around 27kph, so was thinking that the B ride on Sunday would be a good place to start? Also, is there a ride on Saturday apart from RP laps?

    Thanks, Jack.

  • Hi +JackWharton

    Happy to have you come along, welcome and enjoy. It sounds like a B would be ideal for you at that pace.

    Saturday rides tend to be a little more ad-hoc, with members organising during the week between themselves. The 8am RP laps are a good place to meet people, with coffee and chat usually involved.

    Look forward to seeing you out on the road,


  • Hi Jack,

    I've offered to lead a B-ride of ~80km on Sunday (8:30 from Whittington Park). Have a look in the B ride part of the forum for the route. Happy to have you along!


  • Thanks both. I'll come along tomorrow am.


  • Thanks @zunocera for leading a great route yesterday. The distance of around 75k and pace was prefect for me. Really enjoyed the day and looking forward to other Sunday's out with the club.

    When I join will I be granted access to post in the other (e.g c group) threads?

  • Should be very soon Steve :0)

    Paging @Sir_Shannonball @Orestis

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Becoming a member

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