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  • Hello Islington!
    Do you have many women members?
    I'm an experienced cycling club members - so used to cycling mostly with blokes and very happy to do so as male club cyclists are always very welcoming to women

    However - it's always good to have some women to cycle with too. I'm really keen to join a club that wants a strong women's membership as I am keen to work within the club to encourage women to participate and keep coming along. As we're still in a minority I know we need a bit more encouragement to take the plunge to try a club and keep going with it

    So please can you tell me more about women in your club?

    Thanks very much!

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  • Hello +user6786

    We do of course have women members.
    25% of our members are female.
    We offer a woman-specific jersey.
    Some women only events are offered.
    This is our first full year and we have started a ladies race team.

    Look around our forum, you will see what is happening.

    The best thing to do is to come along to a ride and see how you like it.

  • Hello there +user6786

    Just in addition to what David has mentioned, there are several active women within the club including myself and +Ali. On March 8th we organised a special ride down to the Surrey Hills on International Women's Day and we both organise a monthly 'Intro to Club Cycling' ride - which isn't specifically aimed at either gender but we do hope that having two ladies running it makes the thought of trying out a club ride more appealing for other women.

    But generally, we like nothing better than cycling with the chaps - and whilst we support women-focused cycling activities we think mixed riding is the way forwards.

    We've got another Intro ride booked in for April 19th, alternatively just come along on a Sunday to try out a club ride and see if you like it.

  • Oh and I should have said myself and +Ali are both committee members for ICC so we do our best to make sure that the ladies of ICC are represented well at meetings. Get in touch with either of us if you have any more questions.

  • Hi guys,
    are you still looking for new members, if so when would be the best time to come out on a ride with you in the near future?

    Thanks Jon.

  • Hi Jon, ( @user6838 )

    We always welcome people who want to join.
    So I can recommend the right ride... Have you ridden in a group before?

  • I've done a couple of charity rides about the place, but i haven done much hardcore peloton ridding. I hope that helps.

  • There are lots of options for your first ride with us - just choose the one which seems best for you. If your not sure about the etiquette of riding in a group read our guide and talk to the ride leader before you set off. Once you've read the guide your ready to come along but if your unsure please ask or consider waiting for one of the monthly "intro to club riding sessions" or "group riding skills sessions".

    Weekly rides on sundays are split in 3 groups:
    C 35-45 miles average pace 12-14mph
    B - 55-65 miles average pace 13-15mph
    A - 65 miles + average pace 15-18mph

    Then the 8am ride on Saturday Mornings in Regents Park could also be good place to start.

    Hope to see you on a ride soon!

  • Hi,

    Any chance of joining you for a first ride this Thursday?


  • Hi Craig @user6958

    Yes your very welcome to come along to our rides. We are very happy for newcomers try out a few rides before becoming a member but to make sure everything is safe and welcoming take a look at the description of the rides we offer and our guide to riding in a club to check that Thursday is the right one for you.

    If you've never done any group/club riding before we have a few sessions to show you the ropes. I'm running a session at 9am on Saturday that would be a great place to start. I'll be instructing other new riders on the do's and don't of club cycling. Maybe you've seen the event on our forum: There is also the monthly "Intro to club cycling ride"

    Looking forward to meeting you on a ride soon.

  • Hello

    I have been riding fairly seriously for a couple of years (mostly long weekend rides, short but harder sessions at Regents and Richmond and a couple of triathlons). Now that most of my cycling buddies have moved South, I'm looking to join a local club for regular training sessions and weekend club runs.

    I'm comfortable riding in a group and understand the rules / etiquette. I enjoy relaxed longer rides but I'm also hoping to really push my fitness through some focussed training sessions - does the club have regular chaingangs/pacelines etc? I have often joined in with some quick group laps at Regents Park but it'd be good to do this as part of a club rather than tagging on to a group as an outsider...

    Also hoping to do some road racing later in the year and planning a couple of trips to the mountains, so I'd like to get some serious summer training in the legs as well as meet some friendly new faces.

    Do you think the club would be suitable and, if so, when would be the best time to come along and join a session/meet some of the other members?

    I have a couple of friends who might also be interested in joining if the club is right for them (they have similar experience and goals ).

    Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hi Aidan,

    Thanks for getting back to me, not sure I can make this weekend but have signed up for the intro ride on the 17th.


  • Craig, no problem. I hope you enjoy the intro ride.

  • Hi @thomaswillan,

    We run the Saturday morning laps of Regents park, at 7am this is a fast training ride, typically a chaingang. We also run a chaingang during the winter months after work on Wednesday nights, during the summer this ride is replaced by the North London Hills ride which is a pretty good work out too, finishing with some big efforts on Ally Pally and Muswell Hill.

    There is a small, but growing number of us road racing. I'd not say that ICC was a serious racing club but we have ambitions to build in this area. The club is only a year old so anything is possible. We have some coaching coming up, and riders entering local RRs and TTs regularly. There are also some trips to more mountainous parts coming up.

    Everyone is welcome to come and join in. If your already a strong rider and comfortable riding in a group then you can take your pick of where to start. Take a look at the post I've written above but basically just get involved. I'd recommend joining the forum discussions about the rides your hoping to do so you can say hello or arrive a little early to a ride and chat to people. .

    We are encouraging new members to go on either the monthly "Introduction to club cycling ride" or the "Group Riding Skills workshop". This helps us keep safe and get more out of the rides.

  • Hi all, does anybody mind if i'm cheeky and join on the 8am at Regent's Park tomorrow? I'm considering becoming a member but would like to see what the club is all about first. I live right by Whittington Park so it seems ideal. Cheers.

  • It's not cheeky at at all +Paul - come along and introduce yourself to the group at 8am who will be happy to have you along.

    At 9am, also in Regents Park we have a group riding skills workshop which you are also welcome to attend.

    It might help to read this as well as we will be riding in a group:­687

  • Thanks +Laura. I was actually looking at the 9am session too but i'll chat to somebody about that on the way round maybe. I've done a bit of group riding before and i'm already a member of a (fairly inactive) cycling club but always keen to brush up and learn new skills.

  • Hi +Laura,

    How long will the workshop on Saturday last?

  • Probably about an hour.

  • Cool no worries! It's actually nice to have people along who've got experience as they can pass on the knowledge to others, so your skills would be most welcome. Hope to see you Saturday.

  • Hi @Laura

    I cant seem to confirm i'm attending this
    Is this because I am not a member?

  • Yes, I think so. Non members can only post in the 'Clipping In' section. However, it won't fill up so come along and introduce yourself and you will be most welcome.

  • Great, I will head for the inner cycle for 9am.

    Will people be wearing ICC jersey's or do you have a specific meeting place?

  • As sunday is a non jersey ride, look out for the icc jerseys.

  • Hi all
    Hoping to join you guys on the C ride tomorrow as I'm looking for a club to join.
    Just came across your site by chance and it looks like a very friendly place to be.
    Read your club riding guide and I am up to speed with the etiquette.
    Was hoping to join your intro into club riding on Saturdays but unfortunately work
    makes this impossible for me to do, hope this is not a hindrance.
    Hope to see you all tomorrow at 8.15.
    Many thanks

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Becoming a member

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