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  • Hi, just joined ICC after going to the intro ride on Saturday. I know this is not the right place to post this but I still havent received the email. I was wondering what is the av. speed of RP laps at 8am and if it is a chaingang. Would it be better If I go to the skills workshop next saturday before going out to RP since I have never done a ride in a chaingang before?

  • 8 am has various groups usually and isn't normally a chain gang, just normal changes.

  • Hi Niovi - welcome - you'll get an email - you only joined 30 mins ago - there is a delay because it is hand-crafted, not auto-generated.

    Have a look on the Strava feed for average speeds for he 8am RP ride. It is a very social event. The 7am kicks off much faster. Attending the skills session first is a question of how comfortable you feel in a group. Or just have a go and ask for advise from members.

  • Thank you @MattyP and @Sir_Shannonball for the info! Will give it a go tomorrow and see how it goes :)

  • Hey,
    I am interested in becoming a member but would like to come along for a few trial rides first.
    Can I simply join some of the normal weekend/evening rides? I was thinking about this Sunday's club ride, probably start with Group C and see how I go, would that be OK?


  • Dear @Charliee you are more then welcome to join up to 3 rides with the club before joining to see if you like it. The C-ride this Sunday is a good way to start.

    Do you have any group riding experience (not a problem if not, we will show you) and what distance do you normally ride? We encourage everyone to do an intro ride, as here we go through all aspects of group riding skills but you can join our other rides before this ride.

  • Hi @Martine I've done London Brighton a few times and a few loops with a set of guys from work out near Ashford / Orpington, try to get to RP as often as I can, and usually end up in a group when doing so, so quite comfortable riding in a group. Will see you on Sunday if thats alright.


  • That sound like you should fit in just fine @Charliee I won't be there this weekend but I am sure there will be plenty of ICCers to make you feel welcome.

  • Hey Guys,

    I have been looking to join a club this year as I have gotten more and more interested in cycling. I have been doing mostly solo rides apart from the odd time I have managed to coax a flatmate along — I have ridden in groups, but these were semi-oraginsed during events such as the Dynamo or the Ride 100. I was intending to come along to one of the introductory rides but have noticed I just missed this months! I wouldn't describe myself as fast, and my solo rides usually come in around 70km/43miles.

    I guess my question is would the Sunday Group C rides be a good place to start, or is it best to train up for next months introductory ride? My only concern is I don't want to be hanging off the back or holding anyone up.

    Looking forward to riding with you soon.



  • Give the C-rides a go Jack @DTM_GD Just be there 10 minutes before (so 8:20) and ask someone in ICC kit to give you instructions on signs. You should be fine.

    I would still recommend to join an intro ride as on this ride we explain and show why we ride in a group the way we ride in a group and we have more time to practise and give feedback. The next one will be in a month and will be announced next week.

  • Hi,

    It's safe to say I've well and truly caught the cycling bug, I've ended up buying second bike in space of 2 months and spend my commutes watching GCN.... What's the cure??

    I came across the club doing some laps around Regents Park on a Saturday, getting engulfed in your peloton and enjoyed it.

    What's the best way of joining you for a group ride e.t.c and signing up for the club?

    My long solo rides of 42 - 50 miles I've been averaging a speed of 14 mph. I'm not a classic cyclist build so slow up the hills but can keep up on the flats and make up a lost time on the down hills.

    I hope that's not too much of an issue. If you could let me know what's best way of moving forward.



  • Dear @TerryLDN

    The cycling bug is very addictive and you are more then welcome to join our club.

    I would suggest

    • Join an intro ride (next one will be beginning of December and will be announced this week). During this ride we will show how to ride in groups.
    • If you are keen (which sound like it), you can join a C-ride on Sunday morning (Whittington Park), or 8am rides on Saturday (Regents Park).
      The Sunday rides have a different route each week and go into Essex/Hertfordshire etc. The speed is on average 12-14 mile/h (depending on the group, we will not drop anyone).
      Saturday rides are loops around RP, with groups of different speeds.

    If you join a C-ride or saturday ride before, come 10 minutes before the start to have someone show you the signs we use. You should still do the intro ride as soon as possible, as here we show how and why we ride as a group.

    We allow up to 3 taster rides to see if you like the club before we ask to join the club.

    If you have any more question, just let me know.

  • @TerryLDN Oh and our club has both climbers and fast-on-the-flat riders. If we come across a hill we will regroup at the top.

  • Sweet, thank you @Martine I will hopefully see you Sunday!

  • 2 months and spend my commutes watching GCN

    I actually saw a cyclist this morning with BBC news on his phone which was mounted to his handlebars! I am guessing this is not how you're watching? ;)

  • @Martine Thanks, I've signed up for the intro ride in December and I'll try and pop down to one of the C rides this weekend and introduce myself.

    @MattyP Strictly google glass if I'm on the bike ;)

  • Google glass and cycling???

  • @Martine apologies my sense of humour hasn't translated well over text.

  • I have seen cyclists being distracted by so many electronics in a dangerous manner, so I have reasons to be sceptical :)

  • Hi everyone, thanks for the really warm welcome on today's introductory ride. I've just joined the club. Looking forward to riding with you!

  • Welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Excellent. You won't regret it :)

    Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Thanks! One numpty question on the forum - what does it require to be able to post in all sub-forums? Probably just patience? (I tried unsuccessfully to post something here:­280000/)

  • only members can post on the other forums. Once you sign up @Orestis will manually activate your email address. But this can take a few days if he is busy. If it takes longer than that message him.

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Becoming a member

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