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  • Hi Martine

    I am a beginner cyclist and wanted to come along for a trial ride this Sunday, is that OK?

    Many thanks


  • Can you give me a bit more info (speed, longest distance so far etc), for me to give some advise on which ride?

  • Hmm, longest distance was about 70 miles last year (Winchester to Brighton), speed was pretty slow, we didn't really measure it unfortunately, it was very much a leisure ride

  • Would you be comfortable with a 50 mile route on Sunday? C-rides can vary between 40-60 miles.

    Maybe best to start with 8am Regents Park session (Saturday), start with the slowest group and see how it goes (get an idea of speed, I can't judge 'pretty slow', and build up from there. And sign up for the intro-ride in September for the group riding skills.

  • Great (2nd) ride this morning with the C group - I'm sold!
    What's the process for signing up to the club, paying, getting a jersey etc?

  • Fab! Welcome! If you go to our main page - - there is a link to our British Cycling page where you can join. Details on how tou pick up jerseys etc will be sent through once you join. If you strugle, post here and I will try and find the direct link for you.

    Thanks, Orestis

  • Sorted, thanks Orestis

  • Hello,
    Just wondering if it would be ok to join the C group Sunday ride this weekend? I'm new and have signed up for the September intro ride but I'd be keen to join a few rides before that if possible. I cycle regularly, normally around 40miles at 15mph but have done a few longer ones recently. Thanks!

  • Dear @Sophie , you are more than welcome to join a C-ride on Sunday. We have 2 C rides planned, routes can be found:­619/?offset=600

  • Thanks Martine. I tried to post on the forum but couldn't. The Radlett in reverse looks great. Do you know when and where it sets off from? Thanks

  • @Sophie the groups leave at 8:30 whittington park, so be there around 8:20.

    Are you a member yet? Non-members are only allowed to respond in this part of the forum. In case you are a member @Orestis and @Al can check if your permissions are set correctly.

  • Just this minute joined. Hoorah!

    Did the August intro ride and everyone seems great! Also did a fairly fast (for me) 16.8mph Radlett Rev this Tues... Hoping for some slower rides to ease into things while I shift some weight (over 90kg/200lbs at the moment and even small hills destroy me... don't want to be slowing people down too much!). Thankfully the Tues riders were patient, but hoping there is good turnout on rides in general to do some slow B or C rides?

    As far as Saturdays go is that more likely with Regents Park or Whittington?...

    Cheers!... Christian

  • RP will have more riders of different speeds. Well done on radlett route!

  • Martine, just to let you/others know unfortunately I won't be able to make it for tomorrow's ride anymore. Plan on being there next week though.

  • Thanks for the notice. Hopefully we will see you next week @Sophie

  • Hi , once I join how long does it take to get a jersey , Cheers

  • Depends on how much stock we have. Once you join you receive an email from us with all the ifo on how to collect.

  • New stock is delivered in September. Depending on your size there might be a jersey available in August. Info will be in the welcoming email.

  • Just joined the club after taking part in the August intro ride and looking forward to getting involved on more weekend rides.

  • Thanks guys I'm a xl , hopefully there will be some in stock .

  • Hi All

    Just wanted to say hi and really enjoyed the C ride last Sunday. I'm going to sign up and become a member so will see you all soon I hope. Is there any info I need before signing up, anyone I need to talk to first? Or just sign up and wait for a email?

    Kind regards

  • Signup and you will receive an email with all info from @Orestis

  • Thank you Martine

  • Hi folks, after joining last week I don't seem to be able to access all of the forum yet. Is there anything I need to do?

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Becoming a member

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