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  • Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone is planning to do a Group C option for the North London hills ride tonight?

  • Hey, I'm new to the forum and would love to join a group ride. Ideally this bank holiday Monday (if there is one)
    I would put myself in category C and I've ridden in a group of four once and ive just signed up to the group skills on the 27th of May. I'm not sure if this lack of group experience will hold me back till then or what you could advise

  • Hi @Carara

    Good to see your message, which has prompted a member's thread for a ride this Monday. I'm going to try a forum message, you should get a little red envelope symbol at the top right corner of the forum window.

  • Hi, I'm aware there is the great escape ride this Sunday. Given this, will there still be the usual group cycling on Sunday at 8.30am from Whittington park?


  • Hi +VickyB

    There should be made up of people who missed out on places. It will likely be reduced in numbers, however do turn up and see.

    It's also worth proposing a route on one of the Sunday forum threads to gauge interest in advance.



  • Hello

    At the risk of asking a stupid question - am I ok to have aero bars fitted whilst on a club ride? Obviously I won't use them whilst riding in a group, I just currently have them on as I'm training for an IM and taking them off / putting them on all the time is a faff.

    Cheers, Carl

  • +Carlos Yes, you may have them on your bike, but do not use them on club rides. As you no doubt guess, you need tour fingers ready on the brake levers.

  • Tour fingers? You've got the yellow jersey on the brain.

  • Cheers - I'll diligently keep my (tour) fingers close to the brakes... :)

  • Hi I wondered whether I can bring a new member on a group ride (C group ) this weekend? He's signed up for the group skills course but they're so popular he can't get on one before July. He's a very experienced cyclist but not much group experience.

  • Hi +VictoriaB

    Absolutely. Non-members are free to join up to three rides as guests before they are requested to join. We recommend one of those is an intro or group ride to save time, but appreciate this may not always be possible.



  • Thanks Jonny. That's very helpful - hopefully we'll make a ride on Sunday. He's already joined the club - just waiting for a slot on the introductory ride I think.

  • Hi! Are new members welcome at the 6am regents Tuesday am session? Is there a minimum speed/level? Thanks!

  • Hi +Alice

    Welcome to the club.

    We don't run an official 6am session at the moment. Many riders may be out at that time on their own training regimes. If you see a club jersey, ask them if you can join them.

    We do run Saturday 7am (26/27kph+) and 8am (lower speeds in different groups). They meet by the zoo entrance.

    Hope that helps.


  • It might be worth surveying interest by resurrecting one of the relevant threads like this or this. I don't recall Tuesday 6 am sessions happening for a while but it seems likely that you could get a group together, especially this time of year. In the meantime if you are looking for company for something ad-hoc there are also threads for mid-week daytime rides or general last minute rides.

  • Thanks @NickS and @JonnyK. I haven't got full access to the site yet, so can't check out the other threads yet, but hopefully I can soon - I did the ladies intro ride, and am all paid up, so should just be a matter of patience! Hopefully I'll get out with you guys soon.

  • @Alice - welcome to the club.

    Sat 7am laps tend to be a bit more fiery than '26/27kph'.
    Usually nearer a 39/40kph average for the hour.
    Some riders do drop off and form sub-groups as the pace ramps up, but they continue to push pretty hard.

    8am is more relaxed with groups riding at varying speeds.

    Just wanted to be fully transparent.
    Look forward to seeing you in the park soon.


  • Sat 7am laps tend to be a bit more fiery than '26/27kph'.

    Think you missed the "+" there +JoeStather - any speed over that level ;-)

  • Hi, given there is a group skills session on this Saturday will there still be the normal 8am cycle, meeting at Regent's Park near the zoo?


  • Will there be a Tuesday ride I can join in on? I'm not yet a member but have only been on one ride with you guys in the past (an introduction ride)

  • Hey Mitchell, no one replied as they're all out riding!
    Tuesday rides start at 18:30 from Whittington Park Holloway Road entrance. They're about 2.5 hours in length.

  • Yeah I did leave it a little late, cheers buddy! Will try and make the next one.

  • Do three different speed groups form and depart for all mid week evening rides? I can see it mentioned on Tuesdays and not others. Thanks

  • Yes - if there is demand. Please note that midweek rides are for members only. Guests may take part in our Sunday club rides.

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Our club rides

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