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  • Hi all,
    I'm new to london and am looking to join a club. I'd like to join one of your rides tomorrow (saturday); is there a ride going from Whittington Park, or just the Regents Park laps? I've done a fair bit of club riding back home (Sydney) and if I'm on my own usually average around 30km/h on a flat-ish ride.

  • Hi Michael,

    Just Regent's Park on Saturdays. 8am at the Zoo Entrance on the Puter Circle.


  • Hi all

    A few months back, lots of you gave me advice for a complete beginner. Since then, I went ahead and bought that bike and been getting some short/mediumish (25 miles) rides in. I'm keen to start doing some longer ones and would love to join you for a Sunday run - I'm definitely C group at the minute...

    Hope to make it next Sunday !


  • Clive - good going - please do come along

  • Hello,

    I am planning to join tonight's ride from Whittington Park at 6:30 (Thu 21 July). I look forward to meeting the team!


  • Hello - is there any information about the C group ride this Sunday coming (31 July). I can see where to meet but would to know how far it is/how hilly etc. I did your introductory ride a few weeks ago and keen to try a Sunday ride now. Many thanks.

  • Hi Cath,

    There's no specific pre-arranged club 'C' ride for a Sunday. There will usually be different members who plan/suggest different rides, and post up suggestions on the areas of the forum visible to ICC members.
    However, it is also the case that rides are organized without such postings, often on the Sunday morning itself.

    As yet, there's been no 'C' ride details posted up for this weekend. I reckon this is partially to do with the fact that Prudential Ride London will be taking place, and quite a few ICC riders will be riding that.

    There should still be a few rides heading out from Whittington Park at 08:30. Ride distances will vary, 30 -55 miles (55-90km) is typical for a 'C' ride. Some can be moderately lumpy, including bigger hills that are easily reached, but typical 'C' rides won't involve challenging climbing and are usually fairly flat - perhaps 500-1000m.

    Details about hills and stops (for coffee + cake) are normally called out on the day, and rides are usually somewhat dependent upon group members.

  • Thanks ever so much Tim - that is very helpful

  • Hi +CathJ13

    I would echo Tim's comments and add that Sunday rides are "no drop". This means that if you are struggling, the group will reduce speed to accommodate and allow you to recover. We will regroup at the top of any hills to allow those who are slower to catch up and get their breath back.

    Hope that helps


  • It does - thanks Jon

  • When do the mid week rides stop for winter? Thank you.

  • Hey. When the clocks change. :(

  • I see! Thank you. Lots of high vis until last Sunday of October!

  • Is there a Wednesday evening ride from Whittington today?

  • Discussion better placed on the relevant NLH thread. There is a scheduled ride. Do you not have full forum access yet?

  • I did, just trying to get round the forum. It's blocked at work.

  • Will DM you

  • Hello all,
    I missed out on a spot on today's intro cycle, would like to join the C group for the sunday cycle tomorrow. Not (yet) a member- is it ok to show up a little early and take it from there?


  • Hi Katie,

    Sorry you missed a spot on the ride today! If you are used to riding in a group and confident with 50km plus then you may be ok to come tomorrow - I haven't seen a thread for a specific C pace ride tomorrow, but hopefully people will brave the cold weather!Make sure you wrap up warm!

    Failing that, especially if you are not already used to riding in a group, there is a group riding skills session Sat 12th and Sat 19th Nov, 9:30, both Regents Park inner circle - a great place to learn and practice skills no matter how experienced you are!

    Hope to meet you soon,

  • Hi there, I am new to the the area & looking to join a club. I did a lot of riding earlier in the year (London to Paris/Ride London) but not anything since. Will I be ok to pop along to a Saturday 8am ride?

  • Hi all,
    I intend to join you as a new member on Sunday morning for your club ride. I just thought I would say hi in advance. Look forward to meeting you.
    Many thanks

  • Hi in advance Luke!

  • Hey Guys,

    I've been road cycling for roughly a year now and am looking to join a local club to teach/guide me into crit racing in 2017 (Level: 18-20mph avg). Heard many good things about Islington.cc

    Would it be possible to join a introductory ride soon at all?



  • Keep an eye on this part of the forum for Intro Rides and Group Skills sessions. There is one of the latter coming up on the 17th. You can sign up on the relevant thread.

  • Hey Guys,

    What time and where do we meet for the CAT C ride tomorrow?



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Our club rides

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