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  • @Martine Lately around 45km, avg speed 25km/h. When I said I'm a new rider I meant looking to join the club, not new to riding in general. I'm fine with the distance. To be honest, I'm more concerned about the weather and being the new guy!

  • no need to worry. You should be fine with the C ride @Jacob

  • Hi, I'm not part of the club (yet), but would love to join your Sunday ride tomorrow if possible? The weather's looking great. I typically ave. 16mph on longer rides. Cheers, Regan

  • Hi Regan. We'd be happy to have you along tomorrow. Please be at the Whittington Park ready for an 08:30 start and introduce yourself to the ride leader so they can give you an overview of our calls etc. Have fun!

  • Great, will do. Looking forward to it!

  • When is the next monthly introductory club ride, please.

  • http://forum.islington.cc/events/1333/ The next one is on the link, it's currently full but keep your eyes peeled for an available space as some people will drop out. The one after will be released once this one has been done - likely to be the first Saturday in March

  • Hi All
    Anyone cycling this coming Sunday in group C?
    I'm hoping not to be there on my own...

  • @user58903 You are welcome on Sunday. There will be a C-ride and already quite some people expressed interest.

  • Hello. Is there a B ride on Saturday this week ?
    I went on one a few weeks ago out to Epping which was great apart from four punctures !

  • The club-organized, regular Saturday rides are Regent's Park laps. I'd suggest you try that, as Saturday rides further afield, may not happen every Saturday.

  • OK thanks ! Was looking for a ride out of town ... So may just have to do a solo trip.

  • If you are free Sunday, join us then for an out-of-town social ride!

  • Hi there,
    I've recently moved to the area and wondered if I can come and try one of your Saturday morning rides? I tend to average 15.5-16 mph.
    Thanks, Adele

  • Adele,
    Welcome to Islington.
    You would be more than welcome to do so. The best place to start would be the 8am Regents Park ride.
    Start is by the entrance to the Zoo, on the Outer Circle.
    Look for the jerseys!

  • Thanks Richard, see you then

  • Hi guys,

    Might be a bit ahead of time here but will there be a C Ride on either 2nd/3rd April for novices to the Club?

    I normally just cycle-commute to work but have secured a Prudential100 place so need to get serious pretty quick!

    Any pointers welcome, thanks,

  • Hi Ali,

    There is our 8am Regent's Park session - meet by the Zoo entrance. That is a 15-16mph ride for an hour with coffee after usually.

    On a Sunday we have C paced rides from Whittington Park at 8:30am.

    Come along to either of those and see. They run every week so feel free to drop by before April.

    Also - we will undoubtably have a lot of people doing Ride100, I'm pretty sure you will find someone to train with over the coming months.

    See you out on the road,


  • On top of @JonnyK comments, we will also be running an Introduction to Club Cycling ride on 2 April. The ride is about 40km at 20km per hour and we focus on riding as a group and getting a brief overview of how our rides work. You're welcome to attend it, you'll just need to register your interest by clicking 'I'm attending' in the correct thread.

    EDIT: It's full at the minute so keep your eyes peeled for an available space!

  • Similar to Ali, I also need to get training for Ride London. Was pretty fit until October but not done much on the bike since then - just had a second child so riding opportunity is reduced. I did the intro ride last year so would it be OK to turn up tomorrow at the park for a c paced ride? If it is good (and my wife agrees to letting me out to ride every Sunday!) will become a member...

  • +SimonR Totally ok, you'd be most welcome. Pitch up at 8:1ish and introduce yourself. I'll be on a red saffron if I can make it down in time.

  • Good stuff. Just seen @SteveKn route plan - sounds good to me. See you in the morning.

  • Thanks to all for your really helpful comments!

    Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the 'Intro to Club Cycling' and hope to see some of you on April 2nd. I'll be the edgy looking redhead wondering what she's got herself into...


  • Afternoon All,

    I would like to join ICC for your Sunday ride this week (presuming it is going ahead), do I just rock up and introduce myself?
    I've got quite a lot of riding experience but not much in bigger groups, usually riding about 90-110km with mates and pace averaging out at about 25kph. I'm looking for a club up this way (I'm based in Kentish Town so you guys couldn't be more convenient on that front) for when I can't get a team together, as well as to start pushing my pace and distance a bit. Your pointers on which level of ride to join would be great!

    Looking forward to riding with you!

  • Sounds like you'll do well. I'd just rock up on Sunday and introduce yourself as a newbie - someone will point you in the right direction. Maybe try a B ride and see where you go from there.

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Our club rides

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