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  • @user57065 Depends on if you have ever ridden in a group before and your own confidence. @alexD any thoughts? If you decide the skills only, you can come a bit earlier (around 9 am) to drink some coffee/tea in the cafe in the inner circle to meet some members.

  • @user57065 you should be fine doing both if you don't join the faster/training group - these are normally announced at the start of the ride so you'll know which one is which. The Group Skills session shouldn't be physically tiring as it's more about learning how to do things rather than doing them at speed etc. Does that make sense? If not, ask away any question and I'll try to respond!

  • Hope it's OK that my partner and I will come to the C ride tomorrow, we came to the intro ride in August and haven't managed to attend since, we are planning to apply to join. Thanks

  • Would it be ok to join the C ride on a mountain bike? I have lots of experience riding and racing in a bunch.

  • Does anyone mind if I tag along to Regents Park tomorrow (Tuesday) morning? I've just joined but waiting for my forum membership to be approved (I think) so can't post on the relevant thread. Is it ok just to turn up at the zoo entrance at 6am?

  • Hi @NickS - of course. Have you ridden with a group before? If not it's probably best to turn up 10 minutes before to get the signals etc. The pace is dependent on the group but as it's traffic free (relatively) for a good hour at 6am we like to push an A pace.

  • Hi @nicknumbernine, I did the intro to club cycling ride on Sat so I am all signalled up :-) I have done a few sportives and group rides before that though so happy enough riding in a group. I'm happy to do my bit on the front but I am new to through and off etc so might need a bit of instruction if that is what you are doing. Speed wise, I would be looking to sustain around 30kph solo for an hour in regents park, how does that compare to A pace? I wouldn't want to hold anyone up obviously so happy to be dropped if I am too slow.

  • hi Sean,

    of course, I don't see that as a problem.


  • Speed wise, I would be looking to sustain around 30kph solo for an hour in regents park, how does that compare to A pace?

    A pace on a normal Sunday ride would be approximately 27-28km/h, but it's faster around regent's park. I can only comment for the more social, Saturday morning RP laps, where the usual 8am speed of the group is 30km/h, so if you can hold that on your own, I don't think you'll have many problems holding up to the group, and you will not be holding back anybody.

    Regular Tuesday morning guys, correct me if I'm wrong :)

  • Hello, my friend (Lucia) and I would like to come along on the club ride this Sunday. This would be our first ride with the club and I suspect we would be more comfortable riding out with group C as our first trial. Please can you confirm if this is OK to join?
    Many Thanks

  • Absolutely. Just make sure to come 5-10 minutes early so that you don't miss out on the pre-ride briefing. Also, if you could identify yourselves as guests to the ride leader(s), that would be great, so that they can do the extended version of the briefing.


  • Great - thanks for confirming - I look forward to meeting you guys!

  • Thanks Orestis, out of London for the next few Sunday's but I'll be along soon.

  • Hello all,

    I was hoping to get on the intro ride this Saturday but sadly it was full already. Wondering whether there's a C group ride planned this Sunday that I can join before becoming a member?

    I tried posting on the C group thread but I don't seem to have permission (potentially user error there...)


  • Dear @RosiDM Yes you are more than welcome to join a C-ride on Sunday. Do keep an eye on the intro ride thread as we often have last minute drop outs.

    Have a lovely ride.

  • Hullo!

    I'm too late to join the intro ride on Saturday but would like to join a club ride on Sunday. Shall I just turn up at RP at 7am and ride clockwise till I see the group? Totally new to riding in a group but quite experienced otherwise.



  • Dear @Charles

    You are welcome to join our rides this weekend
    Saturday 8am RP in front of zoo
    Sunday 8:30 Whittington park.

  • Many thanks @Martine

    I think @LinusR is organising a ride – can't post on the C group thread at the moment but I'll be there on Sunday if that's alright.


  • Yes, you are welcome on Sunday. I am sure @LinusR has a lovely route in mind.

  • I cycle to work, about 6 miles, keen to do some longer rides and maybe join Islington CC. Never ridden in a group before. Am I better off doing an Introductory Ride (9 Jan is full so I assume next one?) or a Sunday C ride?

    Johnny Bruce

  • Maybe try some 8am laps at regents one Saturday if you're concerned about distance and don't want to wait for the next intro ride before having a go.

  • Hi all,

    I'm a new rider and the introductory ride is all full up for this month. Am I able to join the C ride this week?

    Have plenty of experience in group riding back in Australia but haven't been out in a bunch since moving over about 18 months ago.


  • Dear @Jacob Are you happy with 60-70km? In that case yes you are welcome to join this Sunday.

  • Not a problem @Martine. I've been riding solo since late summer so will be fine. Looking forward to it!

  • What speed and distances do you do @Jacob

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Our club rides

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