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  • great news. Happy to hear you had a lovely ride. Welcome

  • Hi. Sorry to ask but just wanted to check... will there be a 40 mile or so ride leaving Whittington Park this Saturday at 8.30am? I'm considering joining your club and would love to tag along if that's ok? I'm comfortable at 15/16 mph over that distance and have done some group rides before with another club. Thank you.

  • I plan to be there and can lead a 40 mile spin somewhere.

  • I plan to be there too, what pace are you thinking?

  • 17/18mph cruising...

  • Thanks. Looks like I'll have to pull out as I am getting grief from the better half about a bbq we're meant to attend between 11.00 and 14.00. Apparently turning up in my club attire simply isn't acceptable so may have to go it alone and start earlier from home. Bugger.

  • Why don't you get your partner to take "more acceptable" clothing to the BBQ that you can change into?

    Failing that, tell them what Sean Kelly told his wife live on TV "The bike comes first."

    Problem solved.

  • @Thibaud Much better solution: take the wife with you to ride as well!

  • Im looking for a similar early finish and 35/40miles if you fancy not being on your tod. I could meet you out your way as I'm only in East London. I want to try out my new ICC jersey!

  • mmmm....not sure about that! Want to get in around 80k so a 7.30 start it'll have to be. I want to buy a track bike so picking my battles is key see.

  • @Martine Sadly she is terrified of riding on the road, so that's a no go. Believe, I have tried.

  • @Jack_S I'm thinking 7.30 start just north of the Waterworks on the A104 if that works for you. Hatfield Broad Oak and back is about 70k.

  • Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow.

  • Sent you address details in PM.

  • Thanks, see you in the morning

  • Good point, I have now.

  • Thanks but I can't post there I'm afraid, maybe as not a member yet. Anyway, I'll head over to Whittington Park tomorrow morning at 8.30 and see if anyone's around...

  • 10 riders gathered at 8.30am this morning, all new potential members looking to try a ride but no one from the club. not a problem but just to let you know. so 7 of us had an enjoyable ride together of 75ks up into Hertfordshire anyway. will try again on a Sunday soon - I'm sure Sunday is more popular, but are there normally club riders riding out on a Saturday?

  • I think it's quite sporadic as, like you mentioned, most will go out Sunday. The 7am and 8am laps in Regents park are very popular too so that's where most riders will be Saturday morning. Glad you had a good ride regardless and welcome to the club. Curious as to what happened to the other 3 riders...

  • Thanks for your help @philip

  • Hi Martine

    For those who have missed out on September's intro ride, are the Regent's Park laps on Saturday at 8am the best alternative for beginners?


  • yes 8 am RP is best. Also if you come this Saturday, following 8 am laps there will be a group riding skill session which will be useful as well.


  • Awesome, thanks

  • Martine do you think for a beginner it is a bit ambitious to do the 8am session followed by the group skills? Maybe I should just do the latter? What do you think?

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Our club rides

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