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  • Sorry he didn't come out with us, just explaining route and that despite the weather it wasn't too bad!

  • I Read to quickly @SteveKn But thanks for the encouragement and the explanation.

  • Hi all,

    I'm registered for the introduction ride on the 8th Aug, but was thinking of coming along this Sunday to join the C ride from Whittington Park, just to meet some of the members and see what the rides are like.

    Is there a route already confirmed for the C ride?



  • You are welcome to join @Jon76 Routes vary every week, sometimes they are posted on the forum in advance, but often people propose a route on the spot. There will always be a ride, so just show up on time and ask for a quick intro on signs.

  • Great, thanks Martine.

  • Can I just check there will be a C ride this Sunday as it seems most people will be doing the Prudential 100?

  • +jon76 - there are groups organizing rides for Sunday morning, and I assume at least one of those will be a C paced ride (assumption being the mother of all ****ups).

    I know +SamuelD and +Orestis were planning some routes, so maybe they can add something?

  • Thanks +JonnyK - just don't want to turn up at Whittington Park for my first ride and no one be there!

  • Hi everyone

    Can anyone recommend an option for me? I'd like to join ICC, I'm a Holloway resident and I'm looking for ways I can do more cycling - I got back from the Etape two weeks ago and I'm a bit sick of going out on my own! Should I come along on the intro ride next week? I'm fairly comfortable with group riding at a decent speed but maybe my signs need some work.

  • Hi,

    I was on the intro ride last month but I haven't been able to get out on a club run since due to work and holiday.

    I'd like to join tomorrow if there are rides going out but I'm not a paid member yet - is this alright?

    Im fairly fit and would probably be comfortable doing 90k at about 15mph average, which I think is B pace?. However would it be worthwhile going on a C ride as its my first 'proper' ride.


  • Hi @SamR,

    there should be rides heading out of Whittington Park tomorrow morning, although due to the RideLondon taking place, numbers might be a bit on the low side. You'd be most welcome to join one of our rides tomorrow as a guest - you get 3 free rides, but then we ask that you join the club if you want to continue riding with us.

    I'd say that if you can manage 90km at 15mph solo you should be comfortable in our B rides, but doing a C ride just to get the hang of things is not a bad idea, if you are happy "sacrificing" a Sunday for a smaller ride.


  • Hi @orestis

    Thank you for the reply.

    Yeah I thought that might be the case with RideLondon going on.

    I think I will give B group a go and see how I get on!

    Thanks again!

  • +jon76 - did you find a ride?

  • Hi +JonnyK

    I thought a lot of people would be doing the Ride London so I just went out with a friend for a ride.
    I'm signed up for the intro ride on Saturday so look forward to meeting some members then.


  • Hi Lew,

    Apologies for the late reply. Check if there are any places available on the next intro ride. If there aren't and you're confident you can ride in a group safely, feel free to come along on a club ride. We have a guide to group riding which lists all the relevant hand signals which you may find useful - http://www.islington.cc/#faq

    Of course, the intro rides are really the best place to learn these and you can always come on a club ride then attend the next available intro ride.

    It sounds like you're in good shape so it's worth noting that if you attend one of the faster rides, signalling and communication is sometimes not as thorough as a higher level of bike handling is implied by the pace. Get there early and let the ride leader know that you're new. If you have any questions about signalling, the leader or any other member should be able to help.

    Finally, welcome!

  • Hi,
    I'm keen to try out on a Sunday ride as I haven't been quick enough to get on an Intro Ride, so just want to double check there's definitely a B or C Group going out this Sunday at 8.30am?
    I somehow managed to average 34kph on the Ride100 so want to get into a club whilst I've still got the legs and enthusiasm!

  • Ditto what lauravipond said - I'm not (yet) a member but am keen to come for a ride this Sunday if there is a B or C ride going out - is there? I'm not sure of my speed but tend to be fairly quick and have some experience of group riding already, though will try and sign up to the next intro ride if possible.

  • There will always be rides going out on a Sunday from Whittington Park at 8:30. Some routes, such as this Sunday's rides to Kent, are posted on the forum in advance, but most are decided in the morning in the park depending on who turns up.

  • I will be leading a few of us on a slightly less gruesome ride on Sunday - 12-14 mhp, 35 miles, coffee (and cake!) afterwards. You'll be most welcome to join this beautiful C ride (it is my favourite). Lumpy out, lumpy(er) in.


  • Hi, I'd like to join a ride on Sunday. B or C, I suppose. I'll be there at 8:30, looking forward to riding with you guys and then maybe joining the club!

  • Hi,

    I have been thinking about joining the club for group ride for sometime. Would it be ok to come along tomorrow am and join the ride out to Kent?

  • yes if you're happy with 50 miles 12-13 m/h or faster/longer.

  • Evening all. Would it be ok for me to come and join the C ride tomorrow please? I haven't managed to attend the introduction session but I have read the guide and I promise to try and behave as long as you're gentle with me!

  • Sorry for late reply, but yes this is/was possible

  • Thanks Martine, I took a punt and just turned up. Really glad I did - it was a lovely ride - good route, well led and very friendly. Thanks all! I think you may have a new member shortly.

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Our club rides

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