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  • Hello! I'm not a member but was hoping I could tag along to your Sat 8am session tomorrow in Regents park. I've read your group riding guide but not actually done it before....will this be a problem or should I wait until I've been to a introduction ride? thanks

  • dear @Buzzbuzzbuzz

    I would strongly encourage the intro ride, as it shows you all the aspects, let you practice it, and you get personal feedback.

    However if you feel confident and you can't wait you can join the 8 am this Saturday, come 10 minutes earlier and ask someone to give you a quick short intro. If you do this option, I would still encourage to join the intro ride, as then you get the idea behind the rules and more practice. Good group riding skills are essential for club rides and pleasure in riding.

  • Hello!

    I am a formerly very active randonneur looking to get back on track. You guys seem very nice and I was wondering if I could join your C group tomorrow (if there is one for tomorrow that is). Although I haven't riden as part of a group for 2 years, I consider myself to be familiar with group riding.

    If yes, do I have to fit fenders on the bike?

    Many thanks

  • Sorry for the (too) late reply @bikoutelis. But yes, you are welcome to join the C group. In the winter we do ask all members to have mudguards fitted.

    If you want a refreshment of group riding (and meet some members), join the into ride.

  • That's great thank you very much

  • Thanks Martine, have done just that. I headed down to regents park just to spy on what sort of speeds you get up to but didn't see anyone, do you usually ride in club kit?

  • Yup there was a 8am group in club kit going around regents on Sat, average was 29kmh.

  • ah...no wonder I didn't see you at that speed!

  • This time of year there are a lot of gilets and jackets covering the club kit so we are harder to spot. If you can get to the meeting point on time (I always fail) you can find Islington members more easily.

  • ha ha its quite easy to potter along in a bunch as the guys at the front are doing all the work. Come join us next week.

  • +Buzzbuzzbuzz - I look forward to seeing you on a ride soon,
    +LukeW - Agreed.

  • Hi,

    I wanted to check if I could join in for the Saturday morning ride around Regent's park (assuming these still happen)? I have ridden with a group a few times before (in Ireland) and I'm trying to find a suitable club in London.

    All the best,

  • Sure come along, we set off from the zoo entrance at 8am

  • Cool, thanks. See you there =)

  • Hi,

    I wanted to check whether Saturday and Sunday rides are on this weekend? I would like to join a cycling club and would be great to come on a test ride.


  • Dear @user53719

    What experience do you have from group riding? We have an intro ride this Saturday morning, where we show good practice of group riding, while doing a 45 km ride. This is the best place to start when you have only done solo rides before. At the moment the ride is full, but keep a look at the website as often people have to cancel their place due to illness/work.

    About out weekend rides
    Our saturday rides (regent park training) starts at 8am at the zoo entrance
    Our sunday rides (multiple distances, speeds) start at 8:30 am at Whittington Park.

  • and the link

    PS you are free to see if you like the club by doing up to 3 test rides.

  • Yes they are.

  • Hi all,

    Also thinking of showing up for the Regents Park ride @ 8am tomorrow. Just checking that this is OK to do?



  • Sorry for the slow reply, but yes, you are very welcome to come on our rides! We are encouraging all our new members to join an introduction to club cycling session, so please do that if you can.

    If you are new to club riding take a look at our guide to riding in a group, it will be a big help. http://forum.islington.cc/conversations/­687/ We are a friendly bunch and will help you out if you have any questions.

  • Hello all,

    Are there any planned rides this weekend which arent round the park please?
    Also, I missed the intro ride, would I be able to join a slower pack to then qualify to ride In faster packs.



  • Hi Anvar,

    Would perhaps suggest joining a C Ride on Sunday morning, due to leave 8.30 at Whittington Park? (would suggest getting there 5-10 mins early)

  • Hi @Anvar

    As Tom mentioned you can join the C-ride. However I would still strongly encourage to do the intro ride in May, as here you learn about good group riding. Riding with the C's will give you a nice workout and will show some of the basics just by looking at what happens, but it is really essential to know all the tips, trics and sign shown in the intro ride, both for safety (of yourself and the group) and to be able to go at larger speeds. When riding in a group being predictable (by sticking to the rules) is more important than your general solo-ride fitness.


  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the info. Will do a c ride on Sunday then. I will definitely do an intro ride in May.

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Our club rides

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