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  • @Scott and everyone else on the second group B ride today, thanks for accommodating me. Apologies for any rusty group riding skills which may have been evident. Enjoyed the ride out so much have already signed up for membership. Look forward to more miles in the saddle with you all.

  • Nice one @grant_incles. Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and welcome aboard.

  • Evening all - first - thanks for the ride last weekend. I joined the C group (on the fixie route) for the first time out with the club and enjoyed it. I'm away this Sunday morning so planning to join for a few laps tomorrow morning. I'm assuming 8am group is the better option - where is the meeting point?

    Assuming tomorrow's all good then I'll be signing up for membership this weekend...


  • Hi Sam

    The meeting point is outside London Zoo entrance on the outer circle, we aim to set off at 8am so if you try to get there 5-10 minutes beforehand we'll definitely still be there!!

  • Hi, new to london/islington and in need for a regular club ride. I was thinking of joining the club ride on saturday regents park. Is it still on? Is anyone cycling from islington and out to regents park before? if so when and where do you meet?


  • btw.. meant to specify 7am fast ride

  • Lars

    You'd be welcome to join us at 7am. That group is pretty quick - 22-24mph. There is another group at 8am that has a more mellow pace. Just come along and introduce yourself. We meet at the entrance to the zoo.

  • Hello, OK great sat 7am sounds good. Is anyone cycling from Islington over to regents park? If possible would like to join someone before riding over there for first time .. Or if not anyone have a tip on a good route?


  • Hi there,
    I have just joined the club and took part in beginners ride last sat, will there be a group c ride tomorrow and will the meeting point be Whittington park, Holloway entrance at 8.30? Do you still cycle in heavy rain! Thanks and looking forward to it.


  • Yes @Ash There will be a C-ride on Sunday, 8:30 Whittington park. We do also ride in the rain, if the rain is heavy the routes will be a bit shorter.

  • Hi,

    I'm new here and I'd like to try your Sunday club ride if possible. I'm not a member of the club yet - I want to see how I get on before I join.
    Can you tell me how fast you go and what kind of distance you cover?


  • Please ignore my last post - I've just found the info in this thread.

    Is it ok just to turn up for this or do I have to book in advance?

  • Hey @user49750

    We have 3 groups, A, B and C where A goes the fastest with the longest distance, and the C's the slowest/shortest distance. It depends a bit on the weather and what route people volunteer (this changes every week), but roughly

    A 17+ mile/h, 70+ mile
    B 15 mile/h, 60 miles
    C 13 mile/h, 50 miles

    You are welcome to join a ride on Sunday to see if you like the club spirit. We start at 8:30 (Whittington park), but come a but earlier and ask someone to give you a quick intro in group cycling (sign etc). What experience do you have?

  • Thanks for the info.

    I've cycled all my life but I'm relatively new to group riding. I've done a few of the Rapha club rides and I sometimes join them for the Regents Park laps but that's it so far. I'm looking to join a club to get a bit more structure to my training.

    I'll hopefully be there on Sunday morning.

  • Great - welcome, 49750

  • I think that means set yourself a username @user49750 :)

  • Yes, feel free to use edit profile to come up with a more personal username.

  • Hi,

    I'm not a full member yet so I can't access the other forums. I wanted to find out who I should look out for at the Velopark this evening if I want to join the group ride.

    Any info would be appreciated.



  • anyone in an Islington jersey!

  • Hi there Pete @Mr.Pookie

    The ride at the velo park is an open session (not ICC exclusive) so just turn up at the park look out for the Jersey and speak to the guys in the group, It is certainly good etiquette to ask to join the group.

    Other than that. as it is pretty ad hoc. just turn up.

    Hope that helps


    @paul.b beat me to it (I think he secretly wants my job)

  • Ok great. I wasn't sure if club jerseys would be worn due to the temperature. I'll keep my eyes peeled and I'll introduce myself.


  • @paul.b beat me to it (I think he secretly wants my job)

    I'd charge twice the hourly fees that you do....

  • @paul.b beat me to it (I think he secretly wants my job)

    I'd charge twice the hourly fees that you do....

    I think we both get paid the same... I shall speak with the committee about a rise....

  • the AGM would be a good time to bring it up

  • I'll be there in my ICC colours from about 19:00, looking forward to meeting up tonight.

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Our club rides

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