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  • Sorry to hear that @samtravels. I couldn't make it, so don't know what happened but this should not have happened. Sorry for that. We will ask the leader what happened.

    Hope you found your way home easily and still have a nice Sunday. Feel free to join another Sunday ride and then this should not happen again.

  • Thanks @Martine. It's OK though - I know my way about (and, ahem, always have my iPhone with me!). And yep, I had a good day thanks - been a while since I've looked forward to a hot shower so much. Hope you're feeling better now - maybe see you another time.

  • +samtravels Hi Sam, I'm really sorry we dropped you at the lights and I'm pleased to hear you made it back ok. It did get pretty biblical later on. Please come to another ride and hopefully it won't be nearly as wet. :)

  • Thanks @Cy - no worries at all. I'll be back (and in the meantime getting in some hill sessions!).

  • That's the spirit @samtravels! It makes me happy to see you back again.

  • Hi hi - quick question - how fast is the 8am Regents park ride? I am thinking of popping along in the morning but would rather not fall off the back too badly!

  • Sam, I'll be there to keep you company. Dont worry, and if you do drop of the back, we will be picked up on the way round...

  • Thanks! I'm still a touch apprehensive though - what sort of time do you guys generally do a loop of the park in, in the slower group?

  • @samtravels I believe the average for the hour is around 30km. It's a slow chaingang, so you'll periodically hit the front, at which point you can dictate pace (ie slow it down to a more comfortable pace).

    Plus, if you get dropped for whatever reason and the group does not slow down, either keep on going hoping to see them coming through again, or (being a circle), make a U-turn (at a safe place), go clockwise until you see them coming, make another U-turn and sprint to get their wheels again (this is the faster option). Hope to see you there later (if not the at the ride, at the coffee)!

  • Thanks a lot @Orestis - that sounds doable, 30kph is roughly a 9 minute lap time (if I haven't got confused) which is very achievable. Phew! See you there. Sam

  • Thanks all - really enjoyed that today, will be back again. Who knew pedalling round and round in circles could be enjoyable? Thanks for making me so welcome.

  • Hi,

    New member, so can't post in the main forums.

    Am planning on attending the B ride tomorrow morning.

    I live in Edgware so would it be possible to hook up at boots in totteridge? Otherwise I'll try and be in holloway by 8:15.



  • Hi Jon
    Sure either is fine. If you come to Holloway do introduce yourself to me. Otherwise I'll keep an eye out for you in Totteridge.

  • Cheers Gordon,

    If in totteridge I'll be on a white Roubaix.

    See you tomorrow.


  • Hi

    I came along to the Intro to Group riding last weekend and was hoping to come along to the Group C ride tomorrow morning. Is it just turn up and ride or do I need to register some where?


  • Hi hannah,

    I was one of the leaders last week and you would be more than welcome to join us tomorrow, hopefully put some of those new skills to work.

    @Orestis is leading the c group tomorrow, introduce yourself to him in the morning and enjoy. No need to do anything other than turn up at the park at 8:25.


  • Rob's too quick today... [post deleted due to duplication]

  • Hi,

    I've just moved to the area and am looking for a club to join - is it ok if I join you tomorrow morning for the C ride?


  • Hi Sam,

    of course! C rides are about 40 miles, 12-13 mph average. Check the forum for one of the routes to get an idea.

    We meet up at Whittington Park around 8:20-8:25. Just identify yourself as a guest to the ride leader, and he/she will take care of you!

    See you tomorrow!

  • Its me tomorrow for the c ride.

    Make of that what you will...See you in the morning.


  • hi i will like to join the clib on sundays , wich distances you normally ride on this days

  • can you please explain me what distances and speed runs every club A,B, and C thanks

  • and what times depart each group?

  • Hello,

    C rides: 40-45 miles, 12-13mph
    B rides: 50-60 miles, 14-16mph
    A rides: 60+ miles, 17-18mph

    Distance/ride is an approximation (although we do try to keep the C rides to a max of 45 miles) - B, A rides could be a bit longer (e.g a recent B ride went for 65 or 70 miles if memory serves). "A" ride distances vary quite a bit.

    All groups start from Whittington Park at 8:30am Sunday mornings. We meet, we brief, we separate according to Rides and then into smaller groups as necessary and head out when each group is ready.


  • awsome ride guys we finish doing 102 km at the end , but still very good i enjoy a lot hope we meet some again

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Our club rides

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