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  • Some of you who've been here 10 years may remember me leading the B rides before I got a Garmin, so using paper cue sheets. I'd streetview the entire ride the night before - I had a very patient girlfriend - and write the notes, then have them in my hand the entire ride. Over the subsequent years I got a bit better at all that, hopefully helped with some things around the place, then moved to the US so dropped out of the club. Still a member though. Got diagnosed with epilepsy last year so my riding has taken a serious knock, but I'll be an ICC member for life, I'm enormously proud of what we did and what you all continue to do. And sorry for being fussy about the consistency of the kit in so many committee meetings, but I still maintain its importance

  • I remember well. Great rides, and you've really undersold the part you played, even when overseas. A true star of our club, thank you!

  • +ShauNuff - Your role in the development of the club (and of its kit) is impossible to overstate.

    Regarding kit, do I recall correctly that you were also involved in/responsible for the infamous Ugly Kit Ride, when members were challenged to come along one Sunday wearing their most ghastly items of club clothing? I am glad that any photos of that episode seem to be absent from +Sir_Shannonball's album.

    More generally, good blog, +Sir_Shannonball


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