• Thanks @Zac I have attended one of those RP sessions and already and a club member now, however, would like to do one more session out on the roads and learn skills before i start going on actual group rides with the club

  • Hi Sameer,

    I wouldn't worry about that! There are 'green' paced rides that run most weeks that are perfect for new members to get used to group-riding. The intro rides in this section of the forum are really for prospective members to learn the rules before they join the club and start to practice them.

    I know it can be daunting, but I would look at the green rides section of the forum, and jump in with a group there. That way you get more practice riding with experienced riders that will help you along the way, and you don't take a spot for a prospective member looking to learn the ropes. Hope that makes sense? Welcome to the club, I look forward to seeing you out on the road!


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