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  • Hi,

    I wondered if any of your members could help me.

    Last summer I had a bad crash on my bike after hitting a pothole whilst cycling the Radlett Revolution. Given its a route I believe the ICC do regularly, I wondered if anyone had ever made a complaint about the pothole. Its next to a drain outside of a property called Ridgeways on Barnet Lane, WD6 3QU. The hole is around 70cm long and just under 5cm deep.

    The council are denying liability and my solicitor has asked to see if anyone has raised an issue with the pothole previously.

    As mentioned, it was a nasty accident, leaving me with a badly broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, and extensive cuts, bruises and road rash - not to mention extensive damage to the bike.

    Any help greatly appreciated,

    Best wishes


  • Hi Darren,

    I got your email earlier and posted in another section on the forum about this.

    Unfortunately (so far) no one within the club can recall reporting this pothole. is a good source, both for reporting a pothole and investigating whether it had already been reported but it doesn't appear to be on there.

    If anyone posts anything on the other thread that is of use to you then I'll be sure to pass it along, likely they will use this thread now if they come up with any thoughts on the matter.

    Really sorry that this happened to you, I hope you can get some kind of resolution and obviously we send all the well wishes your way. Hope your injuries heal fast.



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