• Hi, I am looking to become a new member as I've recently moved into Islington on Essex Road. I am hoping there may be some tips on what corridors to take to leave and re-enter the area. I see lots of nicer roads on the outer limits of London, but just don't know the safest way to get there. I find London traffic a little intimidating.

    Looking for route suggestions as well (40-80km)

  • There really aren't any good routes. The one we use the most often is the A1000, which is reasonably wide and straight, but still pretty busy. It's very much the least-worse rather than actually good option though.

    You'll feel much safer riding at a group, or try when traffic is low (e.g. a Sunday morning!).

    There's also no shame in throwing your bike on a train to Brookman's Park or Potter's Bar or somewhere like that. You can be in the countryside in like 10 minutes that way.


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