• Congratulations on turning out on a chilly morning @Dustan, @Stephen, @MarcoF. Look forward to riding with you again. @SallyB - please can you process their membership.

    @DanJ, @KhaledHH, @user97101, @user97233, @user97253, @user68794 - we completely understand why you decided not to come out this morning and hope to see you on another intro ride soon. However, four club members did turn out this morning because we were expecting a group of nine, not three. If you have to drop out again another time, please let us know in good time.

  • Thanks for letting me know. @Dustan, @Stephen, @MarcoF... if you're planning on applying (or already have!) Can you let me know your full names please (DM me if you'd rather), I get a LOT of membership applications and want to make sure I tick the right people off. Thanks.


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