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  • Hi,

    I'm a new member who recently joined after attending the introductory and group skills sessions. Are routes for the club rides accessible through Strava? If so, if someone could approve my join request it would be appreciated :)


  • Hi James,

    Welcome to the club!

    We have a dedicated area of this forum called Roadbook. Here you will find our "Classic" routes, with links to Ride with GPS files, as well as our Routemasters section.

    Routemasters are rides which member's do and particularly enjoy. Each week, one is put into the newsletter and then uploaded to this forum section. Over time, it will build into a library of all the routes we enjoy. Again, we will aim to supply Ride with GPS routes for these.

    Some routes may be on Strava. The group tends to be more used to filter segment times rather than as a base for our route library.

    +Sir_Shannonball (the club secretary) can approve your Strava request.

    If you have a particular route you enjoy, why not send it to +Hilltop (our newsletter secretary) for inclusion as a Routemaster one week?

    Look forward to seeing you out on the road.



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