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  • Hi there djh,

    Intro rides focus more on the ride itself. We cover the basic skills of riding in a group and then go out and put those skills into practice in the real world, over a ~50k ride. This is generally quite a relaxed pace, replicating a normal club ride and helps people understand whether group riding is for them.

    The group skills session is just about the 'skills'. Here we explain the skills in a lot more detail and after explaining each one we then practice it over a number of laps of the inner circle in Regents Park. This is more for people who know group riding is for them, and want to refine their skills.

    Ideally all people who do the Intro Ride would also do the group skills session at some point. If you do the Group Skills session, there would be no need to the Intro Ride.

    Hopefully that helps.


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