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  • Firstly, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, I am new to the forum. Please advise me if I have.

    I just wondered if anyone has signed up to the TP ICAP L'Etape London ride in September.

    I am considering the 45 or 92 mile ride (wish there was one in between the two to be fair).

  • Are you still doing this? Anyone else? I won a free entry on 20 July and heard of this a few hours before I was knocked of my bike by a careless driver. My knee is still too stiff to allow me to cycle but I hope to be back on the bike in time to do this so it would be good to team up if anyone is up for a B pace.

  • Yes I am still interested.
    Sorry to hear of your accident, hope you recover soon.
    I am still unsure if I should do the 92 or 117 route, what were you thinking?


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