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  • Hi @user79231 you still need to take part in a formal skills session, either the Intro Ride or the Group Skills Session. Since you did the Great Escape I would recommend the Group Skills session. In fact if you are free tonight we are running one at 6:30pm.

    If you can't make it tonight, then we have a number of other Group Skills sessions running every month, just sign up to one of these. In the meantime as a non-member you are more than welcome to join us on up to 3 club rides before needing to sign up.

    As for BC membership, 'Ride' is more than fine (it's what I have). So no need to change anything.

  • Hi James! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I'd love to join tonight but have other plans I'm afraid. Where would I find the details for upcoming Group Skills sessions? I'm keen to join you guys for a club ride next weekend too - need to get some training in for London 100 :)

    Thanks for the help!


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