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  • Hi @Tim(TLB),

    So would it be ok if I came this Sunday at 8:30 and joined the ride?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi @RobPhillips,

    I'm not out this Sunday, so I can't speak for what Sunday rides might be running, and whether there are ride leaders who would be happy to have new members (who haven't ridden with groups before). Perhaps someone else (@JasonM ?) might be able to let you know if there definitely will be a suitable Sunday ride.

    I'm also not about Satuday, but, though the Regent's Park laps are not quite the same as riding off somewhere with the club, it's quite likely you could find one or two ICC members who will be happy to cruise around with one or two new members, and describe signals and the basics of group riding.

    Unfortunately, there hasn't yet been much in the way of ride proposals for this Sunday (I guess things are a little bit less busy than the Summer). So, actually, it may be a little hit and miss to pop to Whittington Park on Sunday with the assumption that there will be a suitable group. There should be a ride that you could join on some Sunday, but maybe best to post and see what rides are actually happening.


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