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  • Hi @Ceci,

    Thanks for your reply. I will keep an eye on the page for this week in case any slots become available. Unfortunately, the first weekend in November is the one weekend this side of Christmas on which I am not in London. Assuming this weekend remains fully booked, would there be any alternatives to which I could come along, or should I wait for the December ride and sign up for that?

    Thanks again,


  • If you are comfortable with reasonable distances but not in a group, look out for the upcoming group skills session. There will be one next month and are a must if you have never ridden in a group before and should take you to the required level.


  • Hi @RobPhillips

    Almost all club rides [Edit: the regular sessions/occasions rather than particular groups/rides] can be joined by prospective members. The intro ride is particularly suitable and recommended for everyone, but since it is usually booked up quickly, it is quite normal for new members to come along to other rides and catch the intro ride at a later date.

    A Sunday ride, particularly the shorter and less brisk 'C' rides are a good choice, even for strong riders.

    The Regent's park laps on Saturday morning are very social, and a good way to say hello and get used to riding with others.

    Evening rides are also fine, but since it is darker now, numbers of attendees are falling off a little.


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