• Hi there,

    I came on my first ride with you guys on Sunday and really enjoyed it. Thanks, I'm probably going to sign up as a member when I get around to it.

    A question I had was in regards to the distance you should be riding from the kerb when leading the group. I was always told that when riding single file to ride a little further out from the edge of the road than you would perhaps by yourself, meaning that riders behind can follow your line a little easier, and you don't have to swerve/jump/call out every pothole. I note that this isn't mentioned in your guide to group riding, and just wanted to clarify what the viewpoint of more experienced people is with regards to this?

    Of course riding a little further out does mean that cars do have to maneuver around you, but I thought this was good practice even when you're in the city or on your own, rather than just hugging the verge. I'm talking perhaps just at least a foot from the edge so that you don't have to move out for every drain cover, not [edit] necessarily always taking the whole lane. I noted that when riders in front of me were very close to the edge, it made it very hard to follow them closely and with confidence.

    Thanks for the feedback, and hope this is in the right section of the forum to post!


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