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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to spend a bit more time on my road bike, so thought joining my local club would be a good idea! I'm fairly fit (so could probably keep up with a B ride), but haven't done a huge amount of group riding - and certainly none with Islington CC. Would a C ride (hopefully this Sunday!) work for getting to know the various calls and getting up to speed with ride form?


  • Hi Sam,

    Please do come give us a try. As @EDS says, it's best to try the C ride to start off with. Alternatively we offer intro rides (usually the first Saturday of the month) so keep a look out for them. We ask all of those new to the club to join one of these rides as they cover the basics in a bit more detail. We also offer coaching sessions and group skills sessions on a more ad-hoc basis so also keep your eyes peeled for them!


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