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  • hi I'm looking to join a cycle club I'm 40 and overweight although my fitness isn't too bad as I cycle everywhere for transport .Just wondering where to start I'm a bit nervous about cycling in a group I've read your ride schedules I'm a little confused though.What's the best way to get started

  • Great you want to join the club and pick up cycling on a more regular basis @user56836 !

    The best thing to do is join the intro ride­fset=25#comment12408876
    It is full at the moment but often people drop out in the last days preceding the event so keep an eye on the forum. If that is not possible, take the next intro ride (beginning September will be announced after this one is finished).

    The first things is to increase your max distance on bike and fitness. How long is your normal commute? C-rides on Sunday are around 40-60 miles. Alternatively and/or if this distance is still a step too far, you can join the 8 am Regents Park session on Saturday morning, where you can stop whenever you are exhausted.

    Group riding is something you have to learn but everyone will learn it quickly. It is about giving trust to your fellow riders by being predictable (signing potholes turns etc, no unexpected moves) and trusting your fellow riders (being close to the rider in front of you to save energy).

    If you have other questions, just post them here (a lot of questions are also answered above)


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