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  • Hello. I have recently moved to Holloway having lived in West London for ages. Am a member of Kingston Wheelers and looking for a local club to be a part of. I am used to long rides, but my fitness and speed have suffered a lot recently after being in hospital for 2 weeks a year ago after suffering a cardiac arrest. As a result I haven't cycled much for a year and have to take medication / keep an eye on my heart rate. I am training again with intent to go out properly cycling in the spring, but wanted to know if anyone could share some of the slower rides data with me on Strava, so I can have a look and see if I think I am likely to keep up. At the moment I only really feel safe going out with more social groups that don't drop anyone – because of my heart (I appreciate some groups expect people who get dropped to just make their way home).

    Thanks all, and I look forward to potentially meeting you all.



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