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    Nah your not slowing anyone down, its not a team TT. Its certainly tough to take a turn on the front in a head wind after your already pooped. Your certainly not the slowest guy to come along to 7am, however there is always someone faster than you, and thats how you improve. Eventually the session thins out until there are only a few riders left as people have to go home or decide to take it easier with the 8am guys. Missing a lap can be quite fun as you have to time your sprint to rejoin the pack....also means you can take a breather.

  • Thanks @LukeW and everyone else for making this perfectly normal.
    my verdict is, I'll try to be as fast as the group and drop out if pooped. If anyone will raise an eyebrow when I'm a bit slower then rest I'll point them in your direction ;) Case closed!

    Cheers all.


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