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  • Hi guys

    I've just joined up - haven't been out on any rides yet! I'm no stranger to group rides and I have a good bike but it's been a couple of years since I've done any proper cycling and I'm slightly nervous of my cycle fitness for heading out with a group! I cycle to work every day (but just 5miles!) and am reasonably fit (running). Wondering what the recommended approach is - I hate the idea of dragging a group down! I'm keen to get going but should I wait until the next introductory ride or is there a gentle-paced group that goes out in the mean time to get me back into it?! Cheers!

  • Welcome!
    Perhaps the best place to start (other than the introductory ride) would be the 8am ride on Saturday morning, in Regents Park. The pace is steady and as the ride uses Regent's Park no one need have any concern about getting lost or falling behind. If you do the latter, simply ride at your own pace until the group catches you.
    Once you have a sense for how you are going relative to the other riders, the natural progression would be to the C group ride on Sunday (and, in time, to the B group and then the A group).
    I hope that helps.


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