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    Thanks for all the replies everyone. All very helpful. I didn't see anyone on Swain's this morning but I'm going to come to Regent's Park for laps this Sat so maybe I'll meet some of you then.

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    Hello all,
    I have recently joined the club so am looking forward to going out on a club run as soon as possible. I took up cycling about 3 years ago but have been some what of a Lone Ranger so far. This is my first foray into group riding so I would welcome any help/hints to get me up to speed!
    I'm going to come out to Swain's tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll meet some members then.
    Also, I'm a classical musician so work completely random hours. Are there others in the same boat? I would be really up for unofficial extra rides midweek when I'm free as I'm often busy at the weekends.