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Cycling CV: Ventoux x 3, Etape du Tour, Maratona and an IronMan. Keen to get out cycling and meet new people. I am hopeless with directions. I get lost on my own Street sometimes.
Non cycling CV: feminist, barrister, half Welsh, used to row, looking forward to meeting new ICC friends.

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    Hello Charlotte99,

    You have been mentioned at An introduction to club cycling - May 28, 2022.

    Thanks to everyone who has confirmed their attendance on Sunday. Still waiting to hear from
    @Cat.Mek @Charlotte99 @DennisM @JamesS @Joshaughnessy @Nat @SerenaGrover @user143256 @user143723 @user144376

    If you have booked onto the session on May 28 please confirm that you can attend asap by copying this entire message and adding your name to the list. (If you remove the @ from your name you won't be emailed each time someone new adds their name).

    The ride is fully booked so if you are no longer able to make it, please remove yourself by clicking "Can't Make It" at the top of this page. . This means others have a chance to take your place and enables us to make sure we have the right number of ride leaders.

    This ride is only open to people who have booked by clicking "Yes I'm Attending at the top of page 1. If you haven't booked but would like to join this ride you should check this page regularly to see if places come free.

    10.Katherine P
    12 GulnazAks
    13 RachelJ
    14 TimothyL
    15 Alexchiu
    16 JessieM
    17 Angharad
    18 Vaida
    19 Jacob.S
    20 Juan_A
    21 Charlotte 99

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    Please can I join the waitlist for a space on 22nd January Group skills? Thanks

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    Sorry, I can no longer make it. Will look out for the next one…