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37 year old Canadian transplant.

Currently your Club Secretary. Email [email protected] or send me a WhatsApp/text: 07482 826622. Seriously, I don't mind. And as a stay at home mom, if it's a request I can deal with immediately on my phone, I will. Anything else will wait until nap time.

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    Ok, in the spirit of Reddit's Explain Like I'm Five board, can someone give me rundown of the logistics for this?

    I understand the transport to the bunkhouse via train, so that's not a concern, but tell me about packing and getting your stuff there. I've never gone anywhere with my bike that wasn't a single ride out and back on the same day with only the clothes on my back and some gels etc. The idea of going away for a weekend, without a suitcase, with my bike, and bringing some nutrition all seems daunting. How does this happen? A bonus would be if any past participants had a photo of what they packed/how they did it etc.

    Thanks ladies...I think I might be joining you (assuming one commitment lands on the weekend prior, not this one), but I gotta get my head around this first.